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    I can't believe were having this conversation. Of course you have to measure your properties. How can you give a quality estimate without knowing your sq. footage.

    If not for the initial application but how about additional add-on services. How do you estimate a seed job, aeration any service this industry offers is based on know your job site.

    If your 10% over in usage your costing yourself money, especially as your business grows. If your using only 10 bags to complete a round, whats 1 bag. Not that much in dollars. Now your business has grown your treating 20 million sq ft all miss measured or not measured. Now your 10% could be a few hundred bags. What would be your lost revenue?

    Know your business, know your profits.
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    Hey....if you count your money on Monday, and on Friday, you have paid your expenses and have $2.89 left over, you are doing ok....don't worry about getting that expensive measuring wheel :D

    Are you certified, and insured?????
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    Yes I am certified and insured. The reason we are having this conversation is because like I said in my initial question this is my first year doing chemicals. So far I have made a lot of money mowing and have not measured a lawn yet before I cut it. I understand they are not the same thing but I thought you might want to know where I am coming from with this. Anyway isnt
    3.8/1000 the same whether your hopper lasts 1/2 a lawn or fifty lawns. App rate dosent change based on a measuring wheel does it?
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    We are required to track the amount of chemical per k. The only way that I know of to accomplish this is by knowing how many sq ft you are working with. Calibration of your machine can change or vary over time. Once again if you know how many sq ft you are working with, you can have half an idea if you are putting the correct amount on. The amount of time it takes to measure a lawn is so minimal, it amazes me anyone would argue about it. If you don't want to do it, don't, simple as that.

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