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    Gave a price of $,2850 for a lawn install. The owner had top soil brought in, but it wasn't screened. So we just had to grade it take all the larger stones out, seed it, starter fertilizer with appropriate compounds and hay it. The area was about 13,000 square feet. Didn't get the job. What would others charge for this? I figured 1 day with 4 guys.
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    ok, since I am the only one to have b@lls here to reply to this, because they might think that others on this website would laugh at their price, I would have probably priced it at close to or around $2,300.00
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    I agree. I figured around 2200 to 2400. My father owns the business and a lot of times he'll over price things. I can't even begin to tell you how many jobs we have lost from over pricing. I have been meaning to sit down with him and say "LOOK, it's not the 80's any more when you could just charge whatever you want." It just drives me nuts.

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