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    Before I start putting out bids, I don't want to bid too low. How do I study the pricing in the area? Does it require me to call around or how would that work?
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    Hi jsfrk,

    Here is a quote from TwinsLawnCare. Maybe it will be helpful.

    "you may be a small company NOW with little to no overhead, but if you intend to grow, then you have to think big, and bill smart. regardless of how little you think your overhead is, it is probably more. Did you include all of these:

    equipment repairs
    equipment replacement
    equipment upgrades
    advertising costs
    insurance costs
    vehicle insurance
    vehicle repairs

    bottom line is, there is a basis to bill on, and without knowing how much yours is makes it hard to know if you are charging accordingly.

    don't sell yourself short is all I am saying. You are in the business to be successful, so make sure to ensure that."

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