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  1. wilkinseeder

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    I just completed my first set of paver walkways and a retaining wall for a family member. They paid for all of the materials and now are asking me to give them a bill for labor and I have no idea what to charge. I am not even sure what is reasonable commercially let alone for a family member.
    walk 1 was 20 feet long by 32 inches wide
    walk 2 was 35 feet long by 32inches wide and connected to the first walk and had 2 45 degree angles in it
    retaining wall was 32 feet long 3 blocks high (approx 1 foot)
  2. CamLand

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    everybody is diffrent when it comes to this matter,my view on it is i don't charge family. but if they hand you the money then it's a diffrent story...
  3. wilkinseeder

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    I will generally not charge family either, however they asked to be treated like regular customers and therefore did not have to wait until my schedule cleared up. They were just added into the work load rather than waiting until things slow down. Outside of the family situations I am not sure what is reasonable to charge for labor for this type of work. It is not the same as pricing lawn maintenance I am sure. I make about $60/hr. mowing. I don't imagine that I could charge that same rate for this type of work.
  4. landscapingpoolguy

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    10 a sq ft for the walks and 12 a sq ft for the wall....its mid season you gotta eat now cause ya wont be able to in the winter.

    1650 for the walks and 400 for the wall.. so about 2 grand in labor.

  5. wilkinseeder

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    Thank you for the input. I really appreciate it. This will help me out a lot.
  6. kbenvironmental

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    No matter what you would ultimately charge, " show" a discount (real or not) for a family member. No matter what they say, they expect some type of a price break. I say this only because you don't have pre-set rates. Makes em feel like they paid for a pro job but got it at a reduced rate due to their "connections."

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