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  1. jsfrk

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    what is a good price for a normal size apartment complex?

    what is a good price for an office campus?

    what is a good price for a small doctor's office?
  2. C&J landscape

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    1. What is a "normal size" apartment complex in OH?

    2. How bug is the office campus? Is there going to be a lot of trimming?

    3. how small is the doctor's office?

    It is hard to quote a price without even seeing the property. I always look at any proerty before I quote. You never know what you might be getting into. Apartments and office complexes usually almost always have a lot of trimming, at least around here. Take that in to consideration. Every job is different, especially when dealing with commercial work.

    I have 2 small offices I cut for that are both a pain. One has a very steep hill leading to a ditch, the second has lots of landscaping to manuever around.
  3. jpp

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    Where are you in Ohio? I have apartments and just like C & J says I always am out there walking the property, seeing how much trimming, how much blowing, and finding those mulch beds. Take all this into consideration in your pricing because to do all the above and more it takes time. Get paid for it and don't feel bad about the price.

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