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    I am a new member and I have a few questions regarding the pricing for leaf pick up in the fall. How is hat determined by some of you. Is is by the hour, by the gag, etc. Also, when bidding on a lawn service contract for an apartment building, how and what is considered for pricing. What is expected is the cutting, edgingm trimming and blowing. Any help would be appreciated. I will have more questions. Thanks.
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    Around this time if year this site will get about 2 posts a day asking "How to price fall clean ups?".

    I strongly urger you to give the search feature a try. In a short time you can find TONS of info about the different pricing strategies.\

    Good luck, and welcome to lawnsite! :drinkup:
  3. DArnez63

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    Thanks a bunch I will try that.
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    Then if you are unable to find post again.

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