prime diesel engine


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Anybody have a method that works to start an isuzu diesel after changing the fuel filter? I spent a couple of hours on & off bleeding and hand pumping this *&%%** engine. Never did get it started. Finally used starting fluid to get it going (while looking at the sticker on the air cleaner that says never to do this).


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I don't have an Isuzu, but when I change filters on any of my trucks or tractors I fill the new filter up with fuel before I install it.
If it has an electric fuel pump I cycle the key on and let it pump a couple times so fuel lines are as full as can be before firing up engine.
If it has a hand pump, pump til its firm and fire up but be ready to pump


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Sometimes we have used shop air in the fuel tank and opened the bleeder on top of the filter, then once it's running, crack the injector lines loose.
Now this is usually on equipment, but it will work on trucks as well


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Accidentally ran out of gas in my truck with a Cummins. Had already bummed a ride to get 5 gal and put in. Then it wouldn't start. YouTube can be a friend. While I was sitting there thinking I was about to have to call a tow truck I found a you tube video about cycling the starter on and off. About 10 or so times before attempting to start it as someone posted above.


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On my jetta TDI, they are very specific that I need to buy a special computer and operating system to run the fuel pump anytime I change fuel filter or lose prime by running out of gas. All I have ever had to do is fill the fuel filter canister during the change, and then I typically let it idle for a few minutes. Never had an issue, but some of the hardcore diesel guys say it's a good way to burn out the fuel pump due to air being in the system.