Primo Maxx and weed controls

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by turfsurfer, Jun 26, 2003.

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    Have read on this forum about the product Primo Maxx and it's benefits as a growth regulator and stress pre-conditioner. I am definately interested in learning more about this product and possibly offering it to customers. Questions: Who is the actual manufacturer of this product so I can maybe access their website for info? Also, and very important, have any of you using this product noticed that it decreases the effectiveness of your broadleaf weed controls? Does it also inhibit the growth of these weeds and limit their intake of the herbicides? Thanks for any info.:confused:
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    we mix it right in with the weed control product and can't tell the difference in weed control with or without primo in the mix.
  3. I was told to wait 2 weeks before applying Primo Maxx after weed control app.

    You slow the growth down, what's that going to do to the take up of weed control.

    Again this is a labeled product, so you must follow the label, if it says not to mix then....................
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    it will tell you on the label it is ok to mix with weed control, fertilizers etc. It will also tell you the order in which each product is to be mixed in.
  5. I don't remember the label from last year..

    That would make for some kick grass kitchen mix...
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    My box says Novartis.

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    I'm not sure I get the benifits of Primo maxx, unless you are "playing" with the customer. In other words, it seems like you are charging a lot "to the customer" for slowing his growth rate down, "BUT" still cutting his lawn "possibly" more than it needs it. As I understand, since the stuff only last about 2 months, you'd make more money by just cutting the lawn more often. How bout some figures on the cost to apply Primo against just cutting the lawn more often. It almost sounds as though you lazy guy's are just apply a chemcial to make money, and then charging a big buck to cut "and bag" a lawn that doesn't need to be bagged because it's not growing. Sorry, something just doesn't sound right, since it sounds like you guy's are losing money by not mowing, or mowing when the lawn doesn't really need it.
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    First of all you should use caution when when using the term lazy guys. I will not tear into you for being ignorant about the benifits of primo, but some on here will.
    First of all, most lawns around here only get cut weekly. NO one, or a least very few will let you cut as often as needed. So, primo slows the growth rate down so you are not cutting 7-8" off the top = healthier turf = less mower wear = less headaches for customers and operators.
    Also the money spent for primo compared to a customer that would pay to have the lawn cut 2 times a week, or pay for the bagging and disposal fee, or double or triple cutting is much less.

    We are professionals doing what is needed to do for the health of the turf to satisfy customer needs, within a customers budget, to the satisfaction of the customer, all in a timely manner while working around mother nature. If you think this is easy to do then you need to step up your clientel. We are not "playing" with the customer, but we are playing the customers game. I am here to play to win not lose. I would loose if I told the customers they had to pay to have it cut 2 times a week or left piles of clippings, or charged an arm and a leg to bag all those clippings. But a customer will pay a one time fee to get rid of the extra reoccuring fees.

    My suggestion is look up primo on the net, do some research on the benefits, find someone in your area using it and observe the lawns, and when asking for help understanding it on this forum do so in a professional manner without slander until you fully understand the subject.
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    Well your first mistake is taking this forum too seriously. However, as I mentioned, please give us some information about cost pricing. First, on this forum, I've been told the Primo needs to be applied every two months. If that is incorrect, blame the "other" professionals, not me. Ok, next, please let us know the cost for spraying a normal 1/2 acre homeowner lawn. Now, I can cut a 1/2 acre for $30 in 25 minutes, which is about $65/hour. If I cut the lawn every 4 days for two months that's about $450. The extra cutting for cutting every 4 days instead of every week is about $200. So, is the cost of the primo and it's application more or less than $200??
    Then, on the other side, if the beginning of the season is not wet, I'd be cutting the lawn every week anyway, in which you are cutting the lawn "with primo" too often, or if you let the lawn go every other week, you are losing mower money. Please enlighten me.

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