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    I have a question maybe someone can help me with. I have an account that is full service has about 2500 to 300 sq ft. of beds and they have a lot of burberry and other fast growing shrubs. Is there a growth regulator that I can spray on these shrubs to slow down the growth? any help will be appreciated. Tony :)
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    Trim them, that is what you get paid for.

    Growth regulators are expensive used in the field. For what your talking about, regulators are primarily used in production. Smaller plants needing to become bushy for whole sale shipment.

    Much more cost effective for production for your spraying small plants.

    Another thing

    Growth regulators are catagorized as a "Pesticide"
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    I wouldn't recommend spraying Primo on shrubs, or for that matter anything other than grass. It says on the box itself that it's for turf growth managment. Believe me I found out the hard way by spraying it on a few pines:rolleyes:
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    Embark is a plant growth regulator. It has many advantages besides reducing trimming. Growth is re-directed to make shrubs fuller not taller. If you have a license then try it, you will like it. It can and will save you money.

    Read Label at or
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    Atrimmec. It promotes more of a lateral growth whereas Embark, I understand, stops the plant in its tracks. Primo isn't labelled for shrubs, only turf.
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