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    Saw this set up in a utility company truck and the guy let me take pics. Panasonic Toughbook. Modem behind seat.

    Here is my question. Any recommendations or suggestions on a printer? Would like to print out 8.5 by 11 for invoices and quotes. Would thermal paper survive in TX heat? Better way to do this? Using Desco scheduling software. Also pics of van I'm looking at for mobile office set up.




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    Thanks. Too much there to explore right now. I'll research that site and join as well.
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    Interesting. I'll stick with the aluminum forms holders for now, and more of the NEBS stuff. I wonder though, can one get the coated NCR paper and laser print their own 3-copy forms? (some assembly required)
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    My mechanic has a mobile shop... it's a large service body truck that's pretty well equipped.

    Anyway, he drops down one of the side compartment doors lined with plywood to make a desk surface. Inside is a power converter, good task lighting and a cheap plain paper inkjet printer. (They make 12 V printers too but he said they were a lot pricier, and he has the power take-oofs for other things too.)

    He just plugs in his laptop and prints out invoices on the spot. He can also access and print the repair history per customer or per vehicle.

    Thermal paper in a vehicle? Not a chance I'd take that chance. Thermal copies don't archive very well either.

    Panasonic Toughbook is on my wish list too.
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    peter, thats a killer truck! is it here in dallas, or see it on the internet?
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    Is there room to fit a secretary under the desk? :)
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    I have some recording studio stories.
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    I don't know if ClearWire is around in texas. But that would be ideal for mobile highspeed broadband.

    The panasonic toughbooks are nice, but why get a full laptop for invoicing/scheduling?

    I'd use an Asus EEE:


    Thats a toughbook sized laptop under it.

    Its a full featured laptop, and only $399, plus you can stick it in glove box when not in use.
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    :::cough:::starting to sound like a rep, Jon.

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