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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by MPD, Feb 25, 2006.

  1. MPD

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    Can someone throw out some companies, either in St. Louis Missouri, or online nationwide who prints door hangers/fliers? I saw a thread on here the other day and cannot find it, but someone said they had 5,000 door hangers printed for $150.00 Dollars through an online company.

    PLease help. Thanks
  2. SurGreen Lawns

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  3. Precision Lawns

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    We got our doorhangers from We got 2500 for around $300 (including shipping). That's more expensive than the price you were saying, but they're full-color and 2-sided, and the turnaround time is great. We are VERY happy with the quality.
  4. befnme

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    at you can get 5,000 for 189.99 and double the order for 99.00 more.
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    Here's the best place I have found Their prices for 5000 of anything in color are tough to beat.:cool2: If you place an order tell them the mailbox guy from Outdoor Extras sent you.

    My advice would be to skip door hangers altogether and go with 4X6 postcards instead. This way you have one card that can be mailed, used a a business card, hand delivered or left on the door.

    To use the 4X6 cards door to door here is my trick. I bought 1000 self adhesive business card magnets on eBay (they are pretty affordable). I then cut them into 8 pieces (so you have 8000) each and placed one piece on each postcard (where the stamp would go if you were mailing it). Then you can just walk up to the house and touch it to the door (most are steel), or attach it to the garage door (then they can't miss it), or leave it in the paper box (not exactly legal, but in my area the post office says nothing). I don't know if you have ever tried door hangers, but they can be a real pain.

    Edit: Also if you want to attach the 4x6 card to the door handle just take a drill bit and drill a hole through a stack of the fliers (where the stamp would be). Then you can attach a small rubber band and just wrap it around the handle.
  6. All_Clear

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    go with like others said...

    Just received my 5,000 for $189 to my door, you'll be hard pressed finding better then that.

  7. 29 Palms Property Management

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    I have my 10,000 on the way as well. I'm trying to keep the price down a little so I can spread the advertising dollars a little farther and wider. Such as yellow pages, new enclosed trailer decaled up, tshirts and possible billboard in town here. Door hangers came out good. One sided, two color. I like them.
  8. ktorrence

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    Check out 5000 4x6 postcards full color $99. I used before I found out about gotprint. Comparing apples to apples they can't touch gotprint in terms of value. Be prepared to pay a little extra in shipping I think I paid $55.00 for shipping. But I still came out better with them. I just got my postcards and they look great. My doorhangers from have been put on the back shelf.
  9. clallen03

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    Messages: 514 is who I use and their prices are very good. Just take a look at them when you get a chance.

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