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  1. suprman9019er

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    Just doing some final research on flyer printing and i was wondering what companies you guys use to have your flyers printed up by. Kinko's, Fed ex, Online....??? Any responses would be greatly appreciated.
  2. chipk1

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    Been a couple of years since I have had to do flyers. I used Kink's. I designed my 8 1/2 X 11 into three duplicate sections and had Kink's print and then cut them in three. Saved money doing it that way.
  3. jlouki01

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  4. Military Lawns

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    Since I have a MAC system and wicked design software, I did my own and printed them on my HP laser printer. Not sure how much money I saved but, I did save time. Time=money or T=M. Anyhow, I hired a couple of neighborhood kids to hand them out money well spent. Out of 500 flyers ( got 5 lawns in a two week period).
  5. UpNorth

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    Instead of a flyer, why not do postcards as a handout? They are full color on both sides, the print quality is better than a flyer. And they are cheaper than a color 8.5 x 11" photocopy. You can get 1000 postcards for less than 10 cents a piece, and if a 4" x 6" is too small (it shouldn't be especially if your hading it out, and you don't need room for a stamp and address), go 6" x 9" those you can get for about 25 cents.

    Once I realized how inexpensive you can get postcards I stopped using door hangers. I feel if i leave something on the door it doesn't matter what it is if they are interested.

    Just my 2 cents.
  6. suprman9019er

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    Well i would consider doing postcards in the future but flyers are pretty cheap for me. I can have 2000 printed on color paper in black ink for only like $115
  7. UpNorth

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    from NE,US
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    Thats about .06 cents each. Postcards are about .07 cents. You can get 2500 postcards for $170.00. Thats for full color on both sides. It makes more of an impact IMO. But there are people who like "the little guy" and the black and white flyers help out, it's how most of us started out. Just throwing some options out to you.
  8. GreenN'Clean

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    Id save some money and just run an add in your local newspaper you will reach alot more people that way and if your trying to get in a certain area try to see if they have any local papers for your target area. After you get a few customers the add will have paid for itself
  9. suprman9019er

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    UpNorth...Who do you use to design and print these flyers, b/c if they only cost that much i will definately look into them.
  10. Team-Green L&L

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    My entire job is to reduce costs and produce profits. This gives me a unique advantage in shopping for resources. We've used quite a few printing companies, but this one is HANDS-DOWN the best bang for your buck:

    Check out some of my other posts to see the designs we use. They can help you with your own designing. The program we use is Photoshop CS2 and. again, I would recommend these 2 services for your printing needs.

    PM me if you need further info. Good luck!!!

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