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    I try to mail 500-1000 flyers a month to prospective customers. I print a letter telling them what I do and why they should use my services and include a flyer also. I have been printing on my ink jet printer and its a major PITA, I go through two cartridges a week @ $40 a piece. I also print the envelopes, for those of you that mass mail, do you out source your printing or do you print yourself? What printer setup works effiecently or how much do you pay per copy? Copy max quoted me .49 a color copy. I am thinking about scraping the color and printing black on red paper instead.
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    I would love to hand out full color fliers. They're just too expensive. You can't beat black and white, $.05 ea. I think the cheapest price for color around here was $.50 ea.
  3. Joel B.

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    We just got started in the business, and I searched everywhere for prices on a nice quality full-color print job. Cheapest I found was 0.89 each, so we ended up using our own printer, but we only needed a few hundred. If you are sending 500-1000 out monthly, colored paper with black print may be a better alternative.

    Another option we are looking at is having the business card made into a refrigerator magnet (0.29, full color). I know for myself, I throw away flyers and letters before I bring the mail into the house, but magnets make it all the way to the refrigerator. That way, the prospect may refer to the business information they look at several times a day when they need lawn care.

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    There is a place around here that will do 2 colors (one black, one green, red, blue, etc) for $.13 per. I did white and green for our flyer this year and it looks real nice on a bright white paper. Look to a printer and see what they would want for a color print, not copy. Printing 500 per month *3 months should get you enough quantity that the setup charge should be nominal.
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    the main charge at a print shop is set up if you print a large quantity the price lowers.The second run etc they already have the template so its not as bad.I found a print shop that looked like it needed a lawn service and they were willing to trade.They sold the shop but i still mow the owners house and 2 of there kids houses.They can even print the bulk rate postage cheaper than a stamp
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    If you're talking about color copies the cost may be around $.50 a page. You're ink jet printer is good for a couple of color pages here and there - but not for production printing.

    Got to an offset printer and have them print your job, they can print as many colors as you want, it's just a matter of setting up plates. The more times they have to run the paper through the press you add cost. A two color print add for direct mail if properly designed will have enough impact to do what you want. If you want a four color photo - have a graphic designer lay something out for you, have it printed on a heavier glossy paper and mail it out. Just make sure the picture speaks a thousand words - so you may want to hire a professional photographer.

    Black and white photos can look great (and they don't show mistakes in a project as well). Some spot color in your text and layout will help the print job to pop.

    If you're mailing up to a 1,000 a month have the printer whip up 10,000 units - you'll get a much better price than if you only print 1,000. All the cost is in the set up.
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    We print our own, much handier and cheaper in fact....I think we do full color for around .15....

    follow the link:

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    how much is the free printer I signed up for it and was rejected they sent me a post card printed with it and i want one nice print

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