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That's what you thought. LOL
FREEDOM OF SPEECH applies to Americans who know how to exercise it. Liberal States feed you people with lada lada bull crap. Where was my post from? A Texas IP ADDRESS. Want to put that on paper and take it to a hearing in Texas and see how it goes?
Dude relax, but if Donovan wanted to boot you off this site right now he has every right too. That's all I'm saying.

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Real pictures? Of a honda? And A Prius? That's done been posted. You're accusing me of blowing smoke and your WASTING MY TIME. Lol And interfering with my humor. LOL And to ANSWER YOUR QUESTION. "NO I AM NOT BLOWING SMOKE." CLEAR ENOUGH? LOL

This is my humor thread that gives me a good laugh at the end of a long day every day, reading some of the non-sense that someone post just because they took went a completely different route.

that's all I needed to read/'re only here to start trouble
I'm American and have the RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH "BRUH"....
It's a privately run site and we can remove anything we deem not necessary, etc...

and with that being said, I am closing out this thread as well now...CLEAR ENOUGH?
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