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Been doing yards and lawns as well as sod and simple landscape installation for several years now and am starting to push towards bigger landscaping jobs because I do really enjoy that side of the work as well. With that said I have a new client who has multiple projects they want me to tackle one of which is installing a privacy hedge down the length of their driveway.

This will be an 80ft long hedge planted with Pineapple Guava Bushes (Feijoa sellowiana) that I plan on spacing 4ft apart. I will be planting 5 Gal plants, 20 holes, some new compost and slow release fertilizer as well as hooking up a drip system to a conveniently located water source. Ground is hard as a rock, a mixture of slate and clay and DG. Sucky for digging so I plan on renting a Vermeer Skid Steer with 24" auger for 1 day to bust out the holes. (This in itself is going to be a learning experience as I have never used one of these before)

price I have worked up is $1,860 does this sound Reasonable?

The idea is that I will spend a partial day picking up all of the plants, Fertilizer, and drip supplies and delivering them to job. At the same time I will mark out each whole and prep the area by cleaning up. The following day I will pickup a 1/2 yard of compost/top soil mix as well as the Auger and then spend the rest of the day with a helper drilling the holes, planting the bushes and then hooking up the drip line.

Here is my costs and final price for each item.

20 5 Gal plants @ $21.25 Cost $425.00 Billed $600.00

1/2 Yard Compost Cost $25.00 Billed $50.00

Fert Cost $20.00 Billed $35.00

Equipment Rental Cost $300.00 Billed $350.00

Drip System Mats Cost $60.00 Billed $75.00

1 Day for Staging/prep Cost $0.00 Billed $270.00

1 Day for Install (2 Guys) Cost $240.00 Billed $480.00

Total Pricing Cost $ 1,070 Profit $790.00

This is how I look at it when working out what final price to give the customer. I thought I would break things down to see what you guys think about how I have each piece priced out and see if there is anything better I can do when working out future estimates. Currently while I get some experience under my belt and get a better feel for how exactly these jobs go in my area I am shooting for a minimum wage of $30/hr but typically I look for closer to $50/hr for doing work that I know I am already proficient at.

I am howerver mostly interested to here about what you all think about the final Price because in the end thats what really matters to the customer right? So in your opinion is $1860.00 a fair price to charge for installing 20 plants in an 80ft long privacy hedge in rock hard soil with a simple watering system and soil amendments?

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