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    OH well his loss. Wild bill S+K left me a note to stay at the shop and wait for him way back when. I waited for an hour and he never showed up. So at 5:30 I left. He shows up at my house around 7 and starts talking to me about my lawn and mower since I was cutting when he came. Then out of the blue he tells me not to show up tomorrow and hands me my check. He say he has to make some personnel changes. I started working for full service the next day. I gave bill a half hearted wave once since 2001 or 2? Hope he likes the minority that work for him now. Now I have 46 accounts and I'm alot happier. I'm hoping to hire someone in the spring and get about 30 more. I know I'm new to owning a business and times are not tough right now but this is way to easy. Is should have went solo years ago. What did you get for equipment?
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    I have a walker that dumps from the seat with the flip up deck and a Grasshopper 928d Deisel. 52 inch Power Lift deck w/catcher and belt driven blower fan, also 48 and 36 inch exmark walkbehinds. I also got his dump truck, a 1987 GMC one ton with a vaccuum under the dump that feeds into the truck from the bottom. Wackers, blowers, a power broom, a push blower, trimmers, an edger, even his wheelbarrel. Oh yeah, and the trailer I didn't want in the first place. I just bought a brand new 60 inch John Deere 777 with the mulch on demand deck. Joe demoed one last year. I liked it. Everything I got with the business is old but it all works just fine.
    I have half of the accounts you have but I did very well last year. I'll be happy if it picks up slow.

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