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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by freddyc, Jan 5, 2007.

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    Lately I've been looking at a few of the private roads, or beach type association access roads.

    Do any of you people maintain these types of roads??

    It looks like snowplowing in winter and gravel repair or up dates in summer. I assume cutting brush from the sides goes with this also. These are all gravel roads of various lengths.

    If you do this type of work, how do you format the payment schedule--do you do something like:

    --snowplowing--- by the inch--- 1-3 = x$ , 3-6= 2x$....

    --spring and summer hole filling leveling-- flat rate of $XXX ?

    --spring and fall brush clearing-- X$.

    or do you do a flat rate per month or all year.

    There are several of these I've been looking at--the closest to me is about 1/2 mile long and has substantial potholes in it now. There a small pile of process stone just sitting there and its been that way for months...nothing done this summer for sure. The houses are either right on a small pond or accross the road from it. The pond side seems more heavily populated.

    There are other similar roads, but this was an example which is pretty descriptive of all.

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    Do you have a grader or a grader attachement for a skid steer its the easiest way of grading dirt roads. How many miles of road do you have to or want to maintain. We never get involved in maintaining private roads because the highways maintenance contractor who has the contract to maintain all the roads can do it cheaper than anybody else. They have the grader and brush cutter on the loader. They charge by the hour and if any material used you get charged for that they do have a minimum time they charge you for.

    Its pretty hard to beat a good operator on a 14G grader with wheelwobblys you can get a good smooth surface for a month then the pot holes come back.
  3. FearThisDeere

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    I maintain my long gravel driveway that had 4 houses on it. I do it becuase I have all the equipment making my 1/4 of the price free. I charge by the hour for grading work and regular maintenance. Plowing I just do by the storm. Usually X upto 8", 9"-14" is 1.5X, and 15"+ is 2X plus an hourly rate because of stacking at the driveway and such. Be very careful when you get into these type of situations. Not everyone cooperates and it is up ro you to get the money unless you can find an association to deal with. People will complain as much as they can. You have to deal with multiple customers at once and try to make them ALL happy. Very hard to do sometimes.

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