Prize lawn ps200 transmission replacement trouble

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Turftec2018, Nov 6, 2018.

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    Hello thanks in advance for any help. Was wondering if anyone knows if the transmission on a prize lawn seeder is the same transmission on other equipment or was it built just for prize lawn. I would be surprised if it was. The problem I’m having is prize lawn was bought by eartway and they don’t carry any parts for my machine.
    I found one but it cost $1500. If I had the peerless transmission part number it would help but all I have is the part number for prizelawn.
    I don’t mind spending 1500 because I took a chance on this for $80 today. Looks like it was never used and someone never cleaned it and fertilizer ate up the aluminum transmission housing. This happened to a permagreen I had years ago. Oh yea the prize lawn part number doesn’t cross with anything I can find. Thanks again for any help.
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    Any pictures of the unit?
    Any other numbers on it?
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    I just picked it up today and looked for model number and ss number but couldn’t find them. I have a zmax and love it. I like the idea of a simple ride on broadcast machine but don’t like the price of the Lesco seems kinda expensive for not being stainless. I saw this at a repair shop and they were goin to put it the scrap pile so I took a chance for 80 bucks.
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  4. Turftec2018

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    Prize lawn part number 16221
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    Thanks I will pull the transmission soon and post some pictures. Once I get it apart maybe it will have a stamp or some kind of markings on it.

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