Pro Aire Tow Behind Aerators

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by stevesmowing, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. stevesmowing

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  2. avnorm

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    2007 Follow up:

    They look similar to Ryan LawnAire Tow Behind's.

    Anyone seen 'em or use 'em? I am considering 42" Classen/Lesco, 38" Ryan and, now this one.

    But the funny thing is, your link to their products lists "moving sale....prices as of 2005." Are they still in business?
  3. TAZ

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    they haven't gotten much press so I kinda wrote them off when I was searching tow behinds. The prices are right in line with Classen/Lesco and you know you can get parts for those easily and locally.

  4. avnorm

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    The heavy duty looks like Ryan's tow behind, and uses their tines, but weighs more.

    The ProAire designed for ZTRs is also heavy at about 420# for 36" (my Gravely limits towing at 500#).

    I'll explore further, esp since their sale seems a cool value.
  5. turfaire

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    Yes we are still in business, and even a sponsor of Lawn Site. We are looking for a site to build a new facility that will meet our needs more.
  6. stevesmowing

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    about $400 to ship one to my location
  7. avnorm

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    I called Turf-Aire today and learned some good things about their "Heavy Duty" aerator that I thought I'd pass along:

    1. The lift mechanism is manual, but spring loaded or spring assisted (like a garage door's springs) to lighten the load of lifting the tines out of the ground and restoring the wheels for transit. This apparently obviates the need for hydraulic lift assistance.... Nice!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for saving my back.

    OTOH, Classen is manual. But for extra, it has a electric motor & hydraulic mechanism which must be nice for those of us using tow behinds w/o the 3 point hitch as on real tractors; but I believe it is around $800 over and above the $1600 for the 48RT.

    2. The Turf Aire tines rotate individually, making turning easier.

    This is similar to the more expensive Ryan 36" towable.

    OTOH, the Classen has a 2 part axle each w/ 4 tine wheels, w/ one bearing in between ; probably harder to turn.

    3. Thuh muther, Turf Aire "Heavy Duty 36 ïn." aerator weighs 655 lbs. I am nervous about exceeding my Gravely ZTR's 500 lb max towing limit, though

    Classen 48 RT wghs 320, but carries another 460 lbs (max 780). I wonder if uneven ground, or ravines will toss the loaded weight (cinder blocks, or whatever). But I can stay under 500#'s and save my warranty and hydro's.

    4. Replacement tines are cheap at $4.50, and appear to be standard Ryan-type tines.

    I do need to learn more about their lighter Pro-Aire model, designed for ZTR's. I believe the Heavy Duty was recommended as the better aerator, though.

    Anybody have any experience or thoughts on my two choices?

    Thanks ahead of time....
  8. corey4671

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    I had NO idea I had this company in my backdoor! Could you please PM me a price on the 60" tow behind and the weight please? I have a 25hp Everride Warrior and could more than easliy come pick it up.
  9. avnorm

    avnorm LawnSite Member
    Messages: 43 is their site; they don't answer e-mails too fast, but they are plenty nice on the phone. Hope it helps.

    I ordered mine today. $324 shipping to western Maryland.
  10. corey4671

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    HEy thanks. I wouldn't have to have it shipped. The factory is like 30 minutes from me. Good luck with it. Looks like a solid piece.

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