Pro-Arc Welder's....Any Good??

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  1. Tom_B

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    I just Picked up a "Pro-Arc" 230v 200a ARC welder, Its a nice looking unit, it Goes from 60-200a with a Crank on the top.It says its made in Illinois and it seems to be Built Good

    I was wondering if these are any good?I think a welder is a welder as far as ARC welders go but i havent heard of this Brand...P.s. its about 10 Years old....Maby Less maby more but not much Less.

    Thanks for any info
  2. chip hayden

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    i'm not familar with it but here's a few ideas;
    1. is it an AC or AC/DC power supply?
    2. check for any tags on machine to get supply info.
    3. plug it in and check open circuit voltage[OCV]. with volt/ohmmeter between ground and electode holder. if there is no tag on machine ocv should be around 70-90 volts. this is a good indication as to how sound the transformer is. low and it's been "worked" high and you"ll love it but don't get "zapped".
    4. most older AC and AC/DC machines are better than the new ones. Generally, they were overbuilt and had high ocv which gave them great starting arcs and very smooth, stable running characteristics. Ask anyone with an old westinghouse or even the real old craftsmans with the plug in terminals.
    hope this helps a little, have fun!

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