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  1. Toy2

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    What are the pros and cons of a dealer that is also running a landscape company????Do you think they would be upset if you bid on on of their jobs and then refuse to help you in your time of need? Thoughts please....thanks
  2. out4now

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    I would see that as being a conflict. What would you do in their position? Better yet ask what would Sam Walton have done, or Bill Gates? Business is still business, it shows no mercy and has no soul. Your stuff wil still get fixed but I'd bet that it will start to take just a little longer to get back to you,lol.
  3. Tider6972

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    Maybe he'll speak up when he reads your question? :)

    If the job is for bid, BID it ! If you run from him, soon you won't be making any money to spend with him!

    There are dealers all over who also landscape and mow, there's one in my town. Under NO circumstances would I spend a cent there, or support him in ANY way. I wouldn't cut my own throat underbidding a job to keep him from getting it, but I damn surely can make sure that if he gets it he'll be working cheap !
  4. GreenUtah

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    I can't think of a reason to subsidize a direct competitor's operation without getting something of benefit in return. Whether a dealer, a nursery or another contractor. Ask them if they want to be a dealer or a contractor, can't be both and keep your business or anyone in your circle of influence.
  5. Toy2

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    Thanks for the info, in the end I guess no one cares about you, except your direct family....your right about "Business is Business", I'm not here to make friends, I'm here to create a business that will support me, no one has given me a thing, I have had to work hard for all of, cars, etc....Thanks for the info!! :)

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