PRO Landscape Announces First Landscape Design App for Professionals

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    PRO Landscape Announces First Landscape Design App for Professionals

    Kansas City, MO (July 30, 2014) –PRO Landscape has unveiled the first standalone landscape design and bidding app built specifically for landscape professionals. The PRO Landscape Contractor app lets you create stunning visual designs and price quotes on your iPad or Android tablet. Simply take a picture with your tablet, drag and drop plants, add in mulch, grass, hardscapes, statuary and much more. Nothing helps close a sale faster than communicating your design ideas to a customer using a photograph of their house or garden. With PRO Landscape Contractor it’s easy to create designs on-site, even with the customer watching.

    “I took my iPad to estimate a job for a customer who couldn’t visualize anything. It just took a few minutes to create a design and she was blown away! 5 minutes later I had a deposit and her job was scheduled,” said Kerry Stinnett of Lawn Tek Landscaping.

    “We are proud to continue to provide the best landscape design solutions with the release of our first standalone landscape tablet app for professionals. We’ve had great success and feedback from our PRO Landscape Companion app but have had numerous requests from landscape contractors and garden centers for a stand-alone app. We are excited to release PRO Landscape Contractor to fill that need,” said Pete Lord, President of Drafix Software, Inc.

    Key features in the PRO Landscape Contractor app include:

    Create Visual Designs that Sell
    - Your designs will start with a photo of your customer’s house of building.
    - Drag and drop plants, hardscapes, and more to create visual designs customers will easily understand.
    - A cutout tool lets you cover up (clone) the existing landscaping on your renovation projects.

    Large Image Library
    - Online access to the complete PRO Landscape Library of over 11,000 high quality photos on our cloud-based server.
    - Image library includes plants by climate zone, grass, mulch, hardscapes, water features, statues, outdoor kitchens and more.
    - Downloaded images can be saved to your local favorites.
    - Set your climate zone to just show plants for your zone(s).
    - Search the image library by common or botanical name.

    Create Price Quotes for Your Projects
    - Create instant proposals using your own prices.
    - Adjust prices, sizes and quantity to finalize the quote.
    - Save prices for use in your next design.

    Share Your Designs
    - Print, save as PDF, or email your designs and quotes to your customers.
    - Post on your favorite social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

    PRO Landscape Contractor for iPad is available now and can be found in the App Store. PRO Landscape Contractor for Android will be available later this summer. PRO Landscape Contractor is free to download and try. To access the full image library users can subscribe by the month or year.

    About Drafix Software, Inc.
    Drafix Software, Inc. opened for business in 1994 and continues to be the worldwide leader in providing professional photo imaging and landscape design solutions for landscape contractors, designers, architects and garden centers. The software is also used as a standard teaching aid in secondary, technical, and university-level courses. PRO Landscape is available in English, Spanish, Italian and German.

    Press Information
    For more information about PRO Landscape and Drafix Software, members of the press should contact David Sloan, Marketing Director, at 816-842-4955 or e-mail

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    How much is it? I have a android. Thanks
  3. Michael J. Donovan

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    any questions regarding price, availability, etc. then please contact Pro Landscape directly at 816-842-4955 or e-mail

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