PRO Landscape Celebrates its 20th Anniversary

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    PRO Landscape Celebrates its 20th Anniversary​

    Drafix Software, Inc., is proud to announce that 2014 marks its 20th anniversary. Founded in 1994, Drafix Software is the manufacturer of the industry‐leading PRO Landscape design software.

    PRO Landscape design software gives users powerful, yet easy to use tools to create high quality photo imaging designs, accurate site plans in any size or scale, and complete, professional proposals. With PRO Landscape, landscape contractors, designers, architects, and garden centers can quickly and easily create designs that are easy to communicate, leading to a vastly shorter sales cycle and improved closing ratio.

    In its 20 years in business, Drafix Software has established itself as a pioneer in the industry and PRO Landscape has been, and continues to be the market leader for landscape design software. PRO Landscape users can design in both desktop/laptop environments, and also use the free companion tablet app for both iPad and Android tablets.

    “Over the last 20 years we have always made our customers the focal point of everything we do,” says Pete Lord, President of Drafix Software. “While we are really proud of the work we’ve done over these 20 years to make the software extremely easy to use, complete and well integrated, we are most proud of the extremely positive feedback we continue to receive from our customers. We hear stories all the time from customers who tell us that PRO Landscape has been a driving factor in their business being more successful. We are very excited to continue our ongoing mission to create the best and easiest to use landscape design software available. ”

    “I have been a user of PRO Landscape since their very early years and have always been excited to use every new feature that they have developed,” says Debra Mackie from Gardens and Designs in Ayr, Ontario. “Their support team is also friendly and very quick to respond and help in every way. PRO Landscape is truly the best investment I have made for the growth of my business.”

    About Drafix Software, Inc.
    Drafix Software, Inc. opened for business in 1994 and continues to be the worldwide leader in providing professional photo imaging and design solutions for landscape contractors, designers, architects and garden centers. Products are sold direct to customers throughout North America. International customers can purchase through a global network of distributors. The software is also used as a standard teaching aid in high school, technical, and college‐level courses. PRO Landscape is available in English, Spanish, Italian and German.
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    We were a finalist for TLC's "Landscaper of the Year". The only reason we were bummed about not being the winner, was that we really wanted the PRO Landscape software!
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    I just got off the phone with David at PRO Landscape. I purchased the software. They have a year end special, discounted $200.00 .
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    Thanks for letting me know!

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