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PRO Landscape or RealTime Landscape Architect by Idea Spectrum


LawnSite Member
raleigh nc
I've kind of boiled it down to these 2 options: Pro Landscape VS RealTime. I like the one time fee with the upgrade charge whenever I want to upgrade. I do think there are better options (DynaScape etc.) but I am not that big into Landscape design, I just need more of 3D renderings to show clients and I like the option to 2d with plant lists and pricing.
Specifically about these 2- anyone that uses them, please give me the PROs vs CONs???
PRO landscaping is $1250 right now and RealTime is $399.


LawnSite Member
I prefer RealtTime for sure. I got the Architect version, and feel its well worth it. I'm not as familiar with ProLandscape, has been several years since I touched it, so hard to do a pr/con comparison.
I can breakdown the 3 that I know of though.
Best Sketch-up/Lumion Combo Best for visual aspect, Step learning curve. Highest Cost. Add-ons needed for sketchup, Not as plug and play straight out of the box as others, again cost.
VIP 3D Vizterra 2nd best in video quality. Monthly pay so if you ever stop using you loose work in progress. (still have plan, but cannot revisit old projects without paying monthly/yearly.
RealTime/UVision is pretty much tied with VIP3D. Becomes personal prefrence. I do feel that it is more user friendly. And its a pay and done. Huge plus in my opinion. Can look really detailed if you want to put the extra effort into it. Or is good straight out of box
So short answer, I prefer RealTime over others