Pro Lanscape Or Realtime Landscaping

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by lawn, May 6, 2008.

  1. lawn

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    Which one do you recommend? I'm looking for something that will design beds for me and also show the before and after picture to my clients. Any suggestions?
  2. Dreams To Designs

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    If you are looking for great presentation and CAD based drawing software, Pro Landscape is a great program backed by an even better group of people. If your looking for software to create designs for you, I'm not familiar with any. All any landscaping design software ican do for you is create clean and well drawn plans and some will allow you to create digital imaging using the client's existing home or landscape. Any software will only be as good as the designer using it. CAD based software is nothing more than a digital pencil. It may be able to render your work in many different methods, but the results will be the same as if they were hand drawn. Imaging is a great presentation tool, but is no at all designed o suited for layouts and creating landscapes. There is no perspective or boundaries as to what you can put where or how many or size. Once you have created a design using paper & pencil or a CAD program, imaging can be used as a great selling tool to get your client to understand your ideas and vision.

    It would be difficult at best to compare a professional product like Pro Landscape to homeowner software like Realtime Landscaping. Kind of like comparing Craftsman mowers to Exmark or Bobcat. They will both do the job, but eventually you have to match your skills with the correct tools.

  3. AJ Lawnscapes

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    I personally have Pro Landscape 3 and quite enjoy it. It was priced right, delivers quality results and the customers dig it.

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