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Discussion in 'ProLockers' started by jsf343, Jan 30, 2007.

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    Hello, anyone know if pro-lockers is still in business? I have wrote a few e-mails to them with questions but nobody ever responds. Little strange.
    My question (again) is regarding new Honda 21" mowers. As of last year I was told there was no lockers for the new Honda's (by Pro-lockers) but that some would be designed and they were interested in having us demo them for the company, and to stay in touch. They also took my info but have yet to call back or e-mail. (this was last spring and again in the fall) We have tried in vain to get in touch (via e-mail and phone) I left an e-mail again the other day, still nothing. I figure if a thread is started maybe there will be a response. I am sympathetic to the time of year and the fact that they may be busy but some kind of response would be appreciated.

    Pro-lockers if you do read this, I am willing and want to move forward with you if you are interested, I am NOT mad or trying to bash you, I am just a bit confused on what is going on with you guys. I am only interested in a product for my Honda's, either you can do it or you can't. Please respond one way or another so that I and others on here know what is going on with the new Honda lock-ups.
    I am sure there are others who may be interested as well and maybe want to add their 2 cents as well.
    *** note to others responding*** I am not trying to start a bash session here but if you are experiencing a similar problem feel free to add what you want . Please keep it tactful, focus on the problem or issue NOT people. Who knows maybe I am the only one having an issue.

    thanks, Jeff
  2. GotGreen

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    Messages: 73 click on the link, looks looks like they are no more, but seriously, who needs prolockers for a 21" mower. I personaly won't use them on my larger mowers, I prefer Fastraps, but for a 21" a regular strap is more than enough.
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    Hey Guys, We are still here and we have not been neglecting our sponsorship but the week Jeff posted this we spoke with Jeff over the phone. Guys, if at anytime we don't respond to a post and you are trying to contact us, please call our office at (772) 229-1690.

    As for the post, we are currently working on a smaller ProLocker for the 21 and 26 inch mower market hopefully available late Spring.


    Mark Kenny
    ProLawn Equipment Sales, LLC
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    I didn't see this update back in Feb. Thanks Mark.

    what is the latest word on these? you ready to ship me a pair?

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