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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Dennis, Feb 11, 2000.

  1. Dennis

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    from Ga.
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    hi guys, another dumb question maybe but I am tired of my lawns looking BAD!<br>around here not to many upscale jobs,more mid income,and they don't like to pay for a real pro job. however I would not mind spending a little more time in the right places.<br>I can edge and stripe fine, but the beds look bad, no maint at all,what is the quickest way to get them clean?<br>and how do I keep the old straw looking somewhat fresh?<br>any help would be great.I am tired of the mow and blow image.<br>thanks
  2. NateinAtl

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    Dennis, <p>I see that you live in Georgia. The number one thing I can tell you about the beds is to keep the bermuda grass from spreading into the beds. Make sure you edge around the pine islands every time you mow. I have my guys pull weeds about once a month. The main thing for pinestraw beds is to replinish with new straw twice a year. this also helps keep weeds from coming up.<p>In my contract, I say that I am going to keep the beds weed free, but that there has to be a fair amount of mulch or pinestraw in the beds. I let my customers know that I am capable of providing the pinestrw or mulch of their choice for a specific cost. <p>To me, the lawn doesn't look good unless the beds look good. <p>Force the issue with your customers. This may help you gain more customers.
  3. Keith

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    Dennis, you can't make the customers beds look right if they want come off on some $ for mulch. There is only so much you can do without regular mulching. Some people just can't believe they need mulch again, afterall it was just mulched 2 years ago :)<p>These people make you look bad because people riding by don't understand the circumstances. They don't know that the customer refuses to re-mulch, all they know is that it doesn't look good and they assume it is your fault.
  4. CGS

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    Guys about weeding,<p>I just got this pre-emergent for flower beds. I got it from my local nursery. It is called Casoron Granule - Pre Emergent. <p>You apply it to the soil and suposably it will kill and prevent weeds up to one year. <p>This is specially intended to kill weeds or grass growing into the Junipers or other type of bushes where weeding is practicly impossible to reach and pull.<p>Hope this helps in weeding issues.
  5. GCS wote:<p>&gt;I just got this pre-emergent for flower beds. I got it from my local nursery. It is called Casoron Granule - Pre Emergent. <p>Are you a licensed certified applicator for<br>ornamental trees and shrubs in the state of<br>California?<br>
  6. CGS

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    Stone,<p>No need to for supposably &quot;Environmental Safe&quot; products.<p>Yes, The Nursery has to ask contractors if they are licensed for certain products. You need to have an account with them before they sell you any products with all your info., so they can determine what to sell you or not any environmentaly hazardous materials (PESTICIDES). <p>My local Nursery mostley sells Organic Material/Products. So they can accomadate every contractor.<p>You know what?, Why are you still around? Get lost, buddy. You just keep coming back don't you. :-&brvbar;<p>I thought you did not want to give money to the state?<p>If you are certified, you must of paid them some funds.
  7. thelawnguy

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    CGS,<p>I think a big part of requiring a pesticide license is being able to read a label and knowing what a particular product will and will not do in different situations.<p>Read the label and MSDS for Casoron then go back and re-read your post and then apologize to Mr Stone, barring that, apply the &quot;pre-emergent&quot; as planned to your &quot;flower beds&quot; and write back to the forum and let us know how your customer liked the results(!).<p>Bill<p>

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