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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GarPA, Jun 28, 2003.

  1. GarPA

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    ok here i go with perhaps a stupid question. THis months PRO mag has an artilce on striping...yeah I know here we go again with a ANOTHER thread on striping..just what we probably don't need. For a simple checkerboard and in order to add "depth" to the visual affeact, they say to go back to first set of stripes you made and go over every other one in the same direction with the blades engaged or not how am I supposed to get to the next stripe in order to come the same way from the other end??Unless i'm missing the obvious, the only way I see to do this is to drive around the perimeter for each re-stripe on the first pattern....dahhh...sounds like a hassle to some of yo do this? worth the extra time? thanks
  2. roscioli

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    I haven't received the magazine yet.. actually, I am not sure that I have receieved it in months? but, does it say anything about customers liking stripes? I have NEVER had a customer comment on them, positive or negative, or if I mowed in a crazy ugly pattern that week, never a comment. Therefore I conclude customers dont care about our beloved stripes. This method is probably more for places like baseball parks, that mow all day long before a game to get their stripes in, and use rollers, etc.... as well. It would be stupid for an LCO to do it in my opinion.
  3. Tvov

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    What does the article say about getting a college degree in striping? ;)
  4. Art Stubbs handy 58

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    Well, after a very long day of "Stripes" I became very bored with this article.... no offense Pro Mag I just felt like this David Mellor does'nt open his eyes untill he gets to his job and the minute he leaves work there closed again...

    He makes it seems like it's a new creation for us LCO's to do...

    "The Value" Dave states plainly. "Doing something like striping is going to bring you more Business"

    Then my phone should be ringing 24/7.plainly stated.......

    No offense again Pro Mag, but what was the point in this article????

    If you need some space to fill, how about some of us LCO's doing a quality job and show case us in your mag.....
  5. GarPA

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    good points you guys that you mention it I also thought the article was a bit hollow...the tone of it made it sound like stripiing is some new value added/cost nothing, service. I would hope even the yahoos in this business know that a mower, any mower, will leave a pattern behind. As I keep trying to not nod off as I read the article, I kept hoping he was going to tell me some new trick or something.....not.

    I too have never had a single person say they like the matter how cutesey I make them. What I have heard countless times is "do you have to use that big mower on my yard?? I dont like the way it looks".
  6. TLS

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    Always good ones too!

    I striped when I had my 1968 Cub Cadet tractor, and every time since then. The reason I did it on the Cub is that it simply WOULDN'T cut going in circles. Its best cut, and all mowers BEST cut comes from going STRAIGHT.
  7. I haven't gotten it yet, but after reading this thread, I have to side with Art.
  8. bob

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    I thinks its an ad for Simplicity mowers. Thats what David says he uses and Simplicity has a booklet out on striping.
  9. nelbuts

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    Man I love stripes. Remember the mud wrestling in the bar when John Candy ripped off those tops. Man what a movie. Should have won an Oscar. Gonna watch it right now. Thanks for reminding me.:rolleyes:
  10. What about the spatula?

    Also I want an RV like that...

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