pro slide on a 36" exmark


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fort ann ny
i have a chance to buy real cheap a pro slide for my exmark metro 36" only needs the mounting bracket and a new pad..the problem is i have been told that pro slides are reccomended for 48" and larger because of the weight problem...i assume they mean the deck will raise in the air because of all the weight in the rear..anyone else using a pro slide on a 36" please feel free to give me some advice..i have a 15hp kawi on the mower so i don't think power will be a problem...thanks


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N.E. Wisconsin
I have a proslide on a 44" Toro Hydro w/ a 15hp kohler. I added a 35lb piece of lead to the front but it was for hills not so much for the proslide. I'd say buy it and put it on, they work great.


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SE Pennsylvania
I have a ProSlide on my 52" Scag Hydro...the thing works awesome! Don't see why it wouldn't work for you. Most times on steeper hills I get off and walk anyways.