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To all you Pro Slide users I am asking if any of you use it behind a hydro and if so how does it work with your "zero-turns"? Saw many posts about it a while ago and was looking for more input as I thought I was going to pass out from heat stroke this past Friday and walking behind my 52" (Scag)was to say the least killer! (It was 90+ in the Philadelphia area) I like the idea of "sliding" across the lawn instead of rolling as I'm sure it is a smoother ride, but my concern is turning. I had tried a "regular" two whel sulky on my 36" hydro (Scag), but found when doing a "zero-turn" to do another pass that the darn thing would jack-knife. Help/advice? A rider is out of the question for this season as I just bought the new 52".

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i'm not running a hydro w/ my proslide but if i do a 180 degree turn by stoping one wheel completely i can stay on the slide the whole way, the slide has NO pivot points so it is always directly behind the mower, so when u're turning really sharp HOLD ON or else you'll get thrown off, any more help needed email me


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I run a slide on a TORO 15hp hydro and it works great. Sometimes if you make a larger turn you can stay on all the time but I get to the end of the row - step off - turn quick - step back on. Its no problem at all to do this. When you wantr to transport or not slide, hook up a bungee cord to keep it all the way up. I'd buy another one in a second. Good Luck.

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