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Does anyone know what happened to Novae Corp's website. They sell the Pro-Slide as well as Gridiron equipment holders.
They used to be at but not anymore.

Does anyone know what happened?


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I was looking into these a couple of years ago, i beleive the price was around $340, and they could handle around 200lbs


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Stone...I got mine from a wholesaler over in Jersey back in the Spring. I believe it was like $340 as EDL said. I go about 180-190 lbs. and have not had a problem. I will say they are a great product!!! The wholesaler was Steven Willand I believe. I can get the information if you'd like. I had to go thru the wholsaler as no one carried them in my area. The only thing is I need to figure out how to fabricate the plastic "sled" that bolts on. Doesn't seem like that big of a deal, but at $45 a piece it could get expensive buying them premade from the dealer. Probably cost me $5-10 a piece to make the plastic piece.


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Buy a couple of those blue plastic sleds for $1.99 each at the odd lot store, cut it up and use it as a sacrificial liner.
Try a plastic mud flap most truck dealers just about give them away ,they are about 1/4" thick.The ones around here are white if color matters,just put letters or advertisement pointing up.We use them at work for different things and they cut well with a fine tooth sabre saw blade or utility knife.Mike

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