Pro-wings and magic salt

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  1. John DiMartino

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    I got to try out 2 new things this season on friday,first off I got to try the pro-wings i put on my truck at the end of Feb last yr and never got to use them.They are awesome,especially in the light powder we got friday,they hold the snow out front,instead of spilling it off,I found i could take 7 ft on each pass,angling to one side,and not spill one bit,even on 600 ft long passes.Before the most I could of taken was 4ft,about 1/2 the blade.They have almost doubled my productivity in big lots.I am very happy with them,but i bent one slightly,no biggie,i bent it back in 3 seconds with a hammer.Overall,they paid for themselves in one storm for me.I'm going to buy 2 more sets of them for the other trucks.The other thing new to me is Magic salt,I tried the sample bags John Parker gave me(thank you John).I threw a couple 80 lb bags of Rock salt in the spreader,set the gate closed as much as I could,and salted one side of a parking lot at 10 mph,exactly.When I ran out,I turned the truck around,and threw in about 150 lbs of magic salt and did the other side,at 10 mph,and with the same exact spreader setting,same engine speed.Within 10 minutes,the magic side was black-even though I did the other side first,the salt took a minte or so more to become black.The air temp was only about 20 degrees.After 3 hrs,while snow was blowing off the roof onto the blacktop,the magic was still black,while the regular salt was starting to allow buildup in the thin spots along the edges of the pass.I came back at 11pm,the temp was 15 degrees,and it was windy,wind chills well below Zero,the magic was wet still,the reg salt was starting to refreeze,and I had to apply sand to that side to keep it safe.I tried to apply the Magic in the same exact conditions and rates as the regular rock salt,and I am a believer in it now that I have seen it work first hand,it is a definite improvement over the rcock salt Ive been using.Its time for me to order some!

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  2. BRL

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    I can't wait to get some winter weather here to do the same experiment. I've been using the Pro Wings for a few years now & love them. Glad to hear you liked them too.
  3. Aspen Snow

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    What I think is the most amazing thing about Magic is the way it tracks through the parking lot. The more the traffic the better is works. We had wet and black in no time at all.
  4. WINTER 3

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    could you please explain magic salt ?
  5. Bill c

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    John I also have a pair of wings on my plow and bent them the first time out.I welded in a little extra angle on the back side and haven't had a problem since.
  6. HC

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    Can pro wings be installed on a poly plow???
  7. BRL

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    Negative on the wings on a poly plow. I just bought an old steel plow so I can get a winged plow instead of my one poly plow. Then I'll keep the poly as a spare and have 3 plows at 9 ft or more instead of 3 7.5's.

    Use the search button in the top right corner of your screen & enter "magic".
  8. Bluegrass Lawn Service

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    I've been plowing only one year and don't know much. I was wondering about the wings you guy talk about. I have a ford 350 4by4 and an 8 foot western poly blade. I can't figure out how I would use wings. I turn my blade out and circle the building or start in the middle of parking lots and plow from the inside out. Throwing the snow. could I do this with wings on? I know that if I was backing up and pushing ahead they would hold the snow. I confused!!

    I do have wings on my dixie chopper 5 foot blade and it rolls the snow into a log. Is this the same concept.

    I do School, factorys, business like banks, and some residental driveways but not many.

    thanks for your help
  9. BRL

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    The Pro - Wings (and other brands) are extensions that you can mount to the plow that add 20" to its width. The brackets that hold the plows need to be welded or drilled into the mold board, & because of this, they can't (shouldn't) be mounted on poly plows. You can still "throw" snow with them on. The main thing the wings do is increase your blade width, which increases productivity. Check out the link below to see what they look like.

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