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Hey guys, has anyone tried pro-wings? do they really make a difference? I am considering buying a set for one of my trucks and trying them out before I outfit all the rigs.let me know likes-dislikes .......

thanks in advance..

John Allin

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Erie, PA
Your guys have to be careful of curbs and learn where the snow-wing ends (just like they did with the plows, even though they have markers).

They will increase productivity by 35% in accumulations up to 6". And cleanup work productivity is increased more than that. If you're charging by the push or by the season, you increase your margins significantly. If by the hour, you gotta raise your rates significantly to cover the increased productivity (a strong arguement for per push pricing).

Nice to see you trying to "figure out" how to increase margins and still provide good service. That's good business.


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northeast ,ohio
i use them on all my trucks, help tremendously like john said
they are not as heavy duty as the moldboard on the plow so they tend to get bent up a bit
i leave mine on all the time but they are removable if you get into a tight spot

3 lynch pins and they are off
also make sure they get on the maintenance list sometimes the brackets will loosen up


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We tried them last year, and we were not impressed. IMO only good for cleanup, cannot windrow with them. I have a v plow, so it doesnt matter to me, but my drivers tried them one storm, and they sat in the bed the rest of the season.

Chuck Smith

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Nutley, NJ
I guess they would only come in handy when pushing back or "bucking" windrows in a BIG lot. They'd make the blade a little wider, and the angle of them would help stop trail off. Personally, I wouldn't waste my money on them.


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