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  1. hankua

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    Bought a new pro150-36" instead of a riding mower. Just found this forum after the sale and did not realize the ProG was the new model and the Pro150 was the old one.

    The dealer was not very helpful in choosing between a 32" ProG and a 36" Pro150. So I picked the one with the larger deck. He is the closest commercial lawn equiptment dealer to my house so that was an important consideration.

    Any advice on operating and maintaining the new mower would be very helpfull! I have a 10 degree slope on one side of the house. thanks!
  2. Richard Martin

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    Just follow the operators manual that came with the mower. All of the maintenance requirements are in there. The only part that may wear out within the first 10 years of homeowner use would be the front wheel (caster) bearings. The good thing is that they are easy to replace and they are inexpensive. The Pro 150 36" deck is a good mower and should last you for many years to come.
  3. slbroug

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    You have made a fine choice in the Gravely Pro 150 - 36" machine. I also purchased this mower last season and have been very happy with it. It is superb at mulching, and can take 2" of growth in this mode without blinking an eye. Of course, the turf will be happier if you cut at 1 to 1-1/2 range in this mode. The clippings compost will save you twice - on bagging time and on fertilizer too.

    I have never even tried my Gravely in discharge mode since there has never been a need to remove the mulching kit. It is an investment well worth the cost for this mower.

    Operation on your 10 degree slope should not be a problem. For safety reasons only, I'd recommend cutting across the slope rather than up & down it. Other than this one tip, you will be surprised at the low maintenance requirements, which are essentially the same as any other mower. You won't regret chosing the 36" deck for a second.

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