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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by chesterlawn, Apr 23, 2006.

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    A couple of years ago i was cutting one of my customers yards when thier neighbor came up to me and asked if i could take care of his yard . I gave him a price and he said fine . Well at first he paid on time then just stopped . Ended up i sued him and won i got my money . The next year again at my customers yard he comes up again appoligizes for last year said he fell on hard times but he is fine now would i cut him again ? So i said ok . Again paid at first fell behind . Finally i went to his house knocked on his door , he answered and i demanded a check . Well it ends up he wrote a check on a closed account . Now im really p****d. So after work on a saturday i go to his house and it just happens he is having a wedding party in his back yard . . I walk right up and demand my money .Well he comes at me like hes going to hit me , his son comes in and breaks it up and askes me what the problem is . Find out his son is a n.j. state trooper so i thought i was screwed .I explain the situation to him and he tells me to wait in my truck while he goes to the atm and gets me my money .It all worked out fine in the end. Any of you guys go through this kind of a hassle ?
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    yes............and you're lucky the trooper didn't half kill you. i'm sure his buddies would have all said it was self defense. u did the right thing. you get 5 points for your actions. after 300 points, you get to sit in the front
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    I just couldn't see myself cutting his grass ever again after I had to sue him
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    yeah me too ...

    Chalk it up to experience, now you're learning what we mean when we say once a customer proves to us they have some disfunction, we've learned it usually doesn't get any better. I went through this, too... They come around and say they're sorry and we let them back in but sure enough not before the day is half over most will pull their old stunts again.

    Btw, now that you got the money, ignore this guy next time or if you can't, politely decline or tell him cash upfront only.
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    i had a lady do the same thing to me, i told her cash up front or pre pay per month, she said that i hurt her feelings!! lol lol i told her that she didnt care about mine when she didnt pay,and i dont really care about hers right now. everyone has bad times, if you cant pay, call me and tell me, we can work things out, but dont blow me off, not paying!!!!

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