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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by nmez21, Apr 14, 2006.

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    To better understand the situation read this first:

    I ended up talking at a banquet with this woman again and found out that she had told her parents about me. It just so happens that that her dad ,who also wants his LARGE yard(9 acres tot.) mowed by myself,owns a small implement. After talking she directed me over to her father and introduced me. After talking a while, he asked if I'd be able to tackle his yard this summer. I told him that i could, but I was looking into buying some larger equipment. He told me that he had a JD 23hp 737 w/ 60" cut 11 hrs. that only 2 other guys demoed(homeowners). He said he has been having trouble finding anyone interested in it. I asked about the price......$5,000.. I'm young but my budget can handle this. I've checked around and it's and i understand that this is an insanely good price. I think this should work out pretty well. I'm finally seeing growth in my business. We also have a "deluxe" sub-division going up outside of our small town, large yards, some on my schedule, more to come once grass is growing and the builders move on. :) thanks for all your help
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    Where in WI are you?

    Hate to say it but that 23 is going to be under powered for the 60" deck. Might be worth it though for the price.
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    The 23 horse motor will be fine for the 60" unless you're cutting a jungle. congrats on the jobs and the purchase of your new mower.

    I would try and work out something with him. Lets say, do his lawn for the year and he can give it to you for half...or whatever, work out the math. But, I'd rather work for it then put up the cash for it.

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