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I'm rebuilding a blown-up f420 kaw 14hp - the connecting rod was bad so I ordered a new one from J THomas. When I went to install it, it seems as if the diameter of the connecting rod end (for the crank pin) is smaller than the dia. of the crank pin itstelf. When I tighten the two halfs of the con rod down, it doesn't fit - binds around the crank. Anyone else ever have this problem. I know everything else is installed correct - spec out to kaw specs with the manual. I think its just a bad manufactured part - any similar experiences?

Also - two other quick questions - I mended a small crack in the crankcase (low pressure side) with some of that steel repair/weld (looks like 2 part epoxy - but directions say its good for all steel mends - including engine reapirs like this). Does anyone have any experience with these types of repairs?

Finally. the piston itself was badly chipped on this engine when it blew up. There are no scars on the sides but the crank-facing end is missing several good chunks. All of the missing parts are out of the function and compression zone (and If I wanted I could grind or cut the piston down to resemble some earlier 14hp pistons that were shorter and stubbier). My question - I'm thinking about just installing the piston as is because I can't see that the missing chunks would be all that cirtical for anything but balance - as anyone had any experience with a similiar re-build. Thanks in advance for sharing any wisdom/experience.
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