Problem with brand new Lesco

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Jcs Lawn and Landscape, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. grass_cuttin_fool

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    Ive always said that, people praise certain brands of mowers and trimmers like they never had a problem. Thats just BS every brand has a problem some times, they are all made by humans

  2. Roger

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    Jcs ... Is the practice of subbing out the maintenance work common for the dealer? The Lesco dealer in my area sells equipment, but has nearly no shop space, just a 10X15 place in the corner. And, no full-time mechanic -- at least did not the last time I checked.

    I have one piece of Lesco gear (8hp wheeled blower), but am sorry I bought it at the time. I didn't check into their maintenance practices well at the time (many years ago, shortly after getting started). Now, I don't even consider them in any equipment purchases because they cannot provide anything in the way of repair services.

    It sounds like you may have a similar situation. When a problem arises, they hire an outsider to resolve the problem. Is that right? If I am right, is this a practical way of running a business selling commercial lawn service equipment? I think not. Maybe others have a different take on their practices.
  3. Restrorob

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    Sounds to me this Lesco is just like all the rest of the big box stores, Sell the crap and send the problems down the road to the local shop.....
  4. wriken

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    Sounds good to me, thats what my cub dealer would do if my tanks would ever break down.
  5. wriken

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    I wonder what you guys would say if Commercial Turf did'nt have the contract to build mowers for Lesco, could very well Exmark, scag, or any other top money mower company, would they be bashed like Lesco, probably not. Because deep in the little minds they think that MTD is in the building process, but there not.:)
  6. Restrorob

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    Sorry maybe I shouldn't have used the word crap, My point was these places (Box Stores) want to sell this equipment and make somebody else take care of the problems when they could have their own service center.The local Wally World sells a bunch of units and has a bunch returned to the store not working properly, They wait till they get a dozen or so then call us to come pick them up for repair then call every day to see if their ready. I don't need this with all my other customers that purchased equipment from us, Especially commercial guys, So we told them to find somebody else to jump for them.
  7. wriken

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    I don't understand why alot of the lesco's don't have a service center. You would think they would have it. It steers alot of potential buyers away. I guess thats why I spend the extra cash for a cub tank. But on the other hand, I've had very good luck with my tanks, with that said, I probably would take a chance on a lesco, all 3 of my ztr riders have never been in the shop for over an hour, flat tires have been most of my problems, and there carlisle's.
    But my cub dealer treats me well.
  8. Jason Pallas

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    The way the Lesco system works here in the Detroit area is that they have one location that handles all the repair work. All the Lesco centers wait for the truck to come by once a week or so - then they ship the repairs off to the center where it sits to be fixed. The unit may sit there for a couple of weeks or so. Last time we we took our Lesco in, they did have a good zero down policy. At the time, they didn't have a loaner available - so they let me take a brand new 48" mower. Crazy.
    God bless you if you run Lesco and are happy with them. In my professional opinion they're not well deisgned at all..... but to each his own.

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