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Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by imograss, Jan 28, 2005.

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    I just need to vent a little. I am particularly angry with my dealer. I purchased 27/60 Super Z in May of 2003. The unit was brand new with 0 hours. I had for about a month and the center deck idler pulley went out. Took it in for the dealer and they couldn't make time to put it on for me (this is not a small mom and pop store) so I took it home and put it on took 3 min.They covered this pulley under warranty. It wasn't to long after that that the pump idler arm wore out and was causing the mower to slip at full speed. Took it in to the dealer and the service guy says this is a common problem and was reluctant to fix it because he said "it's just going to do it again unless there is a redesign on the arm. It doesn't get good lubrication through the grease fitting, unless you take the arm off and work the grease in that way. He fixed it and it was covered under warranty.A month later the center deck pulley wet out again (this is the 3rd including the original) I contacted the dealer he said there was one in stock. I went by and picked it up, I was charged 22.23 they did not cover it under warranty, needless to say , my blood was boiling, they just warranted the same pulley a month earlier. In Oct. of last year the same center deck idler pulley went out again. I contacted the dealer he looked at it and gave me a new one under warranty. I know Hustler has had issues with these pulleys and now has a newer designed pulley. I took the mower to the dealer 2 weeks ago to get some remaining work done while the mower is still under warranty (it runs out in May 05). Here is a list of things I had down to be looked at, replace the new style gas caps AGAIN, because the tanks leak when full. They replaced the starter, welded a broken seam inside the deck, re-tightened the pump idler arm, and you guessed it another center deck idler pulley. Everything was covered except the deck idler pulley, and they were nice enough to charge me 83.52 for it. I am very disappointed in this dealers ability to "make things right and the customer happy". When I asked about the 83.52 charge for a pulley that has been replaced under warranty, I stated that I just purchased one in Oct. for 22.23, she said where did you buy it at that price, and I said from YOU and showed her the receipt. Needless to say they did not cover it and it doesn't even seem to be the new designed pulley. This makes pulley #5 they covered it under warranty 2 times. I will say that I really like the Super Z and the simplicity of maintenance, but this dealer has left me with a bad taste in my mouth. I would gladly go somewhere else but they are the closest Hustler dealer. I will definately not be buying another mower from this dealer. Sorry, just had to vent.
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    E-mail me your info again, I lost the hard drive in this computer, and I dont have it anymore.
    I will get this looked into for you.

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    As always, Thanks Pj.
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    I was told by my dealer that when a part is replaced under the Hustler warranty,thats the end of Hustlers warranty for that part. It falls under the part manufactuers warranty the next time that part goes bad, most are only 30-90 days. I have been through a lot of parts in the last two years.

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    I reieved a call from my dealer this morning, and the issue was corrected. I really appreciate Pj, and Randy for their time and trouble and their willingness to go the extra mile.

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