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Problem with dealer

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by racer56, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. racer56

    racer56 LawnSite Senior Member
    from Kansas
    Messages: 285

    I recently purchase a new ztr mower, to remain nameless for sake of fairness and they are a sponcer here on this site so no need to go down that road. When I went to purchase the mower I did some research on the net and headed down to the dealer. We looked at them for around 30 minutes took one out back mowed a strip or 2 and loaded it. I told him I was interested in defferred inteterst and payments for a year and when went inside to figure the bill. I got the price around 7600.00 out the door He told me just make sure I can pay it off in a year with the deffered plan and told me he buys most stuff on a different plan. I got to thinking maybe I should just go on the other plan he was talking about and thought he said 8%, but when I got the bill it was 9.99%. Not even going down the road of if he said 8% or not it has no value in this at all anyway. I called then lender and told them I thought it was 8% and they said no but told me I could have the dealer change my plan if I needed. I called the dealer this morning first thing and and asked about the 8% andhe told me he didn't care what I thought it was or what I thought it should be tell him what was on the statement. Kind of like hey fool you are wasting my time I already have your money, go away. All I did was ask not point any fingers or get rude or anything. Just tried to be professional.
    After getting past all that he said he would charge me 150.00 to change over to the deffered plan as it costs him money to offer that plan. I told him he already had that money added in as before he told me the price I told him I wanted that plan and at the last minute changed to a plan that doesn't cost him any money. I'm thinking, hey I already paid you as you already added that in using his own words to me and the way he handles all financing. Seems to me if the mower stays on that plan I'm on right now he owes me 150.00. It would be different if I would have told him I wanted the plan I'm on now then changed to the deffered plan but it was the other way.
    I didn't nego. the price at all as a matter of fact it was in my trailer before I asked mow much. Kind of poor judgement on my part but guess I just knew roughly what I have heard others pay and figured in the small area we are in everyone would pay the same. Not complaining about the price and I think the mower does a good job as well. Just feel like I had a small problem and the guy goes off like a cannon and just kind of thinking the main reason I bought the mower was for the 2 years no downtime deal they have.
    I called the manufacture and got the run around. Everyone wanted to listen and then pass the buck. They did call the dealer in some fairness to them and the dealer called me back but by then I was right in the middle of a major landscape job and really couldn't talk. The guy kept calling my cell to the point I had my wife, who was helping me at the time stop and call him back. He said he talked to the lender and no problem just have me call him to come down and sign new papers. I called him back shortly after and he again started going off about why did you call the manufacture and I didn't know we had a problem... Are you kiding, sure I just let everyone I but major equipment from treat me like dirt and talk down to me:hammerhead: . Anyway that conversation happened on my customers lawn right in front of them as they are workers from home. I tried to end the conversation as he I guess had a change of heart from the 10 mintues he talked to my wife and now. I told him I felt I couldn't buy anything else from him at this point unless we could get something done. He said bye and hung up. Great dealer support sounds like to me, what do you think?
    I called the manufacture back to tell them what had happened from the first time I talked to them. They more than once mentioned they thought it was very petty for 150.00 to take up the dealers and the manufactures time. That right there was really bad news at that point. I feel like I have a mower 10 hrs old and no dealer and really hate to think about the manufacture even making another dime off me in the future if that is the stance they take/ If it was soo patty why not cut me a check? NOt like I haven't bought 2 mowers from the same dealler and manufacture on the last 30 days. Gave whatever his asking price was for that one as well, well come to thing of it he said he could get me a deal on a mower another dealer had and save me 50.00. When the mower came in it was totally different design and looks like a Toro to me. I asked about the 50.00 and he was like, hey it was put together and rep didn't get over to get it and can't drive up and get it for free:hammerhead: . Just asked for the mower I ordered for the price I was told, sorry to be such a problem. I let it go and didn't say anything at that point as he gave me a free oil filter. 50.00 for the oil filter is what I'm calling it just so I feel like I got something for the extra 50.00 dollars. Took several more days to get it than I was told as well due to the dispute the manufacture was having with a trucking company at the time. So much for the zero downtime I already lost 2 customers for the dang year due to not being able to get into the back yards.
    At this point I can't feel good about the mower even. I fell like the mower works ok but what if it has a problem. Hate to see when it is a part over 150.00 most likely just get shot in the head for asking to have it fixed. The dealer did take care of a broken belt due to getting twine up in the blades for free but I did offer to pay for it even though I thought it could have happened when testing it in his field when I bought it as it was very very tall grass and I had been mowing res. lawns, although some of that grass was tall as well. I went to every single lawn I mowed since new as that was the first day I mowed with it and didn't find a trace of twine but again just no need in saying anything. The belt put on was made out of different stuff and honestly am worried how long it will last, not sure I had any favors I guess.
    I guess the rude attitude made me stubborn and I as well made a big deal about the money, but I didn't see it as just the money I saw this as a very bad start to what was going to be a long relationship. Should I just eat it, pay him off to have the financing I want? I thought about selling the mower and moving on as it looks like the manufacture wants to listem but stops at that point. I fell I have already paid for the financing as he was told before he set the price I wanted the plan I'm trying to get back now and he told me he adds 2% to every mower deal with that finance option so IMO I have already paid for it. The manufacture rep did call me back as I guess the buck stops with him. He talked around in circles wasting more of my time in front of the customer and kept asking IF I COULD... and then he would follow that with would you go back to the dealer I got it from to buy more stuff and kept coming back to that. I finally asked him what would he like me to buy???? Wish I had another dealer close but next closest is another 40 miles from his shop. To sum up what the manufacture wants me to do is promise to spend thousands of more dollars with the dealer I'm having this problem with and they will thinking about doing me fair.
    Is it just me? Is this the way you would like to be treated? Didn't mind changing the price on the other mower on me after the fact did he? The manufacture the last time I talked to them said he was a great dealer. Does he sound great? Sorry to vent but to make things worse I was asked to discount the job today as "I spent alot of time on the phone", true but the 3 other guys working here didn't. The discount was 600.00. Should have just shut up and paid him off I guess:rolleyes: .
  2. fiveoboy01

    fiveoboy01 LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,988

    OK, I read about 1/4 or less of your post. Why?

    No paragraphs, run-on sentences, and WAY too long.

    I'm sure you can get your point across in a much shorter space...

    I'll bet if you go back and edit it so it's readable, you'll get a meaningful response.
  3. racer56

    racer56 LawnSite Senior Member
    from Kansas
    Messages: 285

    Can't find the edit button. Sorry just very tired from a long day. Spent 2 hours in the pouring down rain due to wasting time with the dealer and the manufacture. I don't really post alot but really due want some input on this. I thought if the majority thought I should just pay the dealer off and lump it I would try and talk with him again. Kind of in a bad spot. The wife isn't very happy about him telling her on thing just to get me to call him then telling me another. I really miss my Deere dealer I had up in K.C. area the more I think about it.
    The main problem here is the fear of having a real problem and being screwed. If the dealer or manufacture can't take care of 150.00 how can they take care of the unit for the 2 years no downtime? At least I have stopped my Dad from buying the new mower this Thursday. He wasn't going to buy from this dealer but was this manufacture. Well I at least know he is going to see how this goes in the next few days. Like I say I guess I just got hot when the dealer was so rude and just thought he can talk down to me and treat me like dirt and just expect me to say thanks man, I guess:hammerhead: .
    Sometimes it is hard to stop being mad as the more you think about something like that the more it just eats at you. I really think at this point we are in bad shape either way. Our attorney told me a verbal agreement for no down time the first 2 years will mean no downtime and he can make him stick to it, I'm sure that won't be free either,ha.
  4. justanotherlawnguy

    justanotherlawnguy LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,282

    Go out and cut some extra grass to pay the bill off early. I mean the difference between 8% and 9.9% isn't going to put you out of biz.

    Did you read the credit app that you signed agreeing to the terms? Even if he told you the wrong APR, the right one would have been on the final papers...
  5. racer56

    racer56 LawnSite Senior Member
    from Kansas
    Messages: 285

    The problem I have isn't really the APR at all it is how he handled the conversation from the word go. I guess you would have to have heard it first hand. What I am saying about the financing is he already added the 150.00 in for the promo deffered payment option when he set the price. I guess I've already lost 600.00 in labor and maybe even some bad feelings with a customer due to talking on the phone so much today.
    I should have looked it over closer myself I guess. Won't make that mistake twice you can bank on that.
    Mainly worried about get the support I bought with the mower. How is he going to handle a major problem? Judging by how he handled a very simple problem I would say not well. Only having one big mower the no down time is a big big deal to me. Dealers want our support yet this type of thing is one of the reasons why folks buy parts on the net.
    If I wouldn't have lost 2 accounts waiting for the 21" mower that came way later than he said it would and for more money than he said it would cost I guess I would have let it go but for no longer than I have done business with him it seems we have had several small problems. I told Dad to tell the dealer in his area what the hold up is on not buying his new mower Thursday.
    I hate to have hard feelings with the manufacture and really hate having hard feelings with the dealer but I tried to resolve things only to be talked down to and told they tought it was petty to gripe about 150.00. He asked how come I didn't gripe about the other problems until now, well that should have been the first clue that I'm not like that and am willing to be reasonable but do have a point.
    The guy could have got some of the dang 150.00 back in the morning as I need a new trimmer. Well maybe that will give me a chance to start a new relationship with another dealer. They don't sell this brand of mower and hate to make the longer drive and send money out of the community but I told him unless he made it right I was done with him for good. Guess he needed the 150.00 pretty bad today:dizzy: .
  6. EngineeredLawns

    EngineeredLawns LawnSite Member
    Messages: 100

    You do have a right to be upset at the dealer, but the manufacture, I don't know how you expect them to get on the dealer for a deal that you signed, they had nothing to do with that. Now if there was a problem with the equipment, they should step in.

    As far as the dealer, if it was like your first post, the dealer may not of understood what you where upset from. Keep it simple from the start. You could of said, I wanted plan X, you talked me into play Y at 8% and plan Y is not 8% but 10%. Do you want to charge me $150.00 to change the plan to what I wanted and risk loosing a customer plus the potenial cutomers that I may tell this to. Leave it at that. Any good dealer will loose a little money to keep that from happening. I the dealer does not do anything, you want to stay away from them at all cost.
  7. PatriotLandscape

    PatriotLandscape LawnSite Bronze Member
    from MA
    Messages: 1,209

    I like stories :D
  8. bohiaa

    bohiaa LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 5,220

    I had an issue with a dealer too.....

    we were haggeling over the price of a mower we agreed on 6200 and one option that I wanted he was to throw that in for free...

    he did the bill and didn't show it to me he just said 7300

    so I paied it,,, I was allready nervous because I had cash.... YES CASH.

    after a day went by I noticed he charged me for the foot assist on the deck 100.00 so I called and he acted like O...well what do you want to do....

    SO I told him I wanted something else and he agred, went back got what I wanted 100.00 off no problem...

    then I noticed 3 day's later that he charged me too much for the mower...
    He then said NO WAY... I WOULD HAVE NEVER LET THAT MOWER GO FOR 6200.....he charged me 6700....

    I now have to eat this because I wasn't watching and paying attention.
    car dealers do this sort of thing all the time.... While making the purchase I informed him I have a bid in on a LARGE appartment complex that it looks like I will get it. and if I do I will be getting 2 more mowers from him.....
    this guy had the nerve to call me last week asking if I would be wanting those mowers and did I get the contract.......

    I informed him that I did indeed get the contract.... He was buzzing HAY congrats I knoew you would your such a great guy and all that.....

    then he wanted to know when I would be comming down to pick up 2 more mowers..... I nearly fell outta my seat....I simply informed him that I would be purchasing from his comp. simply because of the way that he riped me off 500.00 he then tryed to make me a deal taking that 500.00 off the price of 2 more mowers...the total would have been 16,000 and some change...

    I put him on hold and to my Knowlege.... He's still there....

    YOU " AND I " HAVE TO READ EVERYTHING........ what someone says is NOT allways the truth.... GET IT IN WRITTING.... AND READ IT..........

    in this business as in all business people WILL SCREW YOU......
  9. racer56

    racer56 LawnSite Senior Member
    from Kansas
    Messages: 285

    I just got off the phone with the manufacture rep. The guy hang up on me while I was trying to talk about service and issues down the road. What a touch of class. I would say now for sure I have a big problem with the manufacture. I don't really even think the guy is the rep. No rep would do something that stupid. I was a sales manager for alot of years and would have fired this guy way before today if this is how he handles problems like this. It's 150.00 what if it was a major part failure doesn't look like they can afford it.

    Sure wish the guy would have shut his mouth long enough for me to talk as even though I hate having to eat this the wife and I felt the manufacture and dealer must be hurting for money and if it helps keep them going for another day they can keep the money but don't expect any future purchases EVER. The guy is fine with that and even though I do think the mower does a good job I guess I will be looking for a dealer and manufacture that wants my money.

    Seems crazy for either to upset a guy with a brand new mower(2) I mean being on the hook for 2 years for parts could get very expensive for them if stuff would start breaking right and left. With the no downtime deal doesn't hurt me:hammerhead:
  10. racer56

    racer56 LawnSite Senior Member
    from Kansas
    Messages: 285

    In fairness to the manufacture, that is not named, he knows this is up on this site. He seemed to have plenty to say on the phone about nothing other than service will not be a problem. Hard to take that statement with much weight as I'm having a problem, not service related but a problem none the less and am told "the 150.00 amount is PETTY" I wonder how many 150.00 repairs I will have to just shut up and eat as it is a petty dollar amount?
    To me dollar amount has nothing to do with it. It shows that for 150.00 you will be hung out to dry though. I at least thought the number would have been alot higher:rolleyes: . Our lawyer did say to bring EVERYTHING I have to do with the mower down and said 75% chance some tiny tiny thing is wrong somewhere and can get me out of the whole thing and depending on what he finds maybe start making the other side wish they would have just done the right thing. Kind of hate to pay him to make someone do the right thing and my wife tells me I would be just like them at that point.
    Should I go to the lawyer or not? Hate giving him money :cry: .

    Now it sounds like the wife just wants me to drop the whole thing. She feels they have already cost us a ton of money and not the kind of folks that doing the right thing means a thing. Lawyer or not? Maybe I'm just to stupid or stubborn to roll over. Maybe somehow I'm in the wrong but the dealer couldn't keep from talking to me like I was a idiot long enough to prove I was in the wrong.

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