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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by flaboy2006, May 12, 2006.

  1. flaboy2006

    flaboy2006 LawnSite Member
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    Hello, I'm new user and need a little help. My first ? is this Is anyone having problems with their Dixie Chopper digging up the grass when turning?I have used this mower for 3 months I've tried slowing down,being extra careful nothing seems to work.Is there any adjustments,it just seems to be very abrupt.Also what are some ideas when it comes to gator blades, I cut a mixture including St.Aug , Bahia,cent.Thank in advance for any .Dave in Macclenny,Fl. Honey Do Lawn Care
  2. Imow4u2

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    If this is the first Z you have operated this advice will help. When you get to the end of a pass turn in the direction you are working and stop for a split second. Pull both levers staight back to flip your casters and then make your turn keeping both wheels moving. A common mistake is to pivot on one and that tears things up fast, :hammerhead: What some Newbies don't realize is if you get to the end of a pass and cut a zero turn you're going back the same way you came. You'll need to move over that 5 or 6 foot anyway and that is what the first part of my turn accomplishes.. I've been cutting with a Chopper for over 7 years now and this turn I discribe is second nature and takes a split second..:drinkup:
  3. yamadooski

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    I have used Dixies for 14 years on St Augustine.
    The above is somewhat true but not for our grass here.
    Or sandy soil condition makes it real hard for not leaving the hole type dibbits.

    I switched to the Exmark Lazer and should have done it a long time ago.
  4. Budget

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    from Pa.
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    I learned fast that you have to be smooth motion on the levers. Both wheels must move and keep it slow in the turns and speed up in open areas.
  5. MOOSE

    MOOSE LawnSite Senior Member
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    Try a 3 point turn, it's slower but after awhile u get faster at. All ztr's will tear up grass when turning. Just got to be good at turning not to tear up grass.
  6. flaboy2006

    flaboy2006 LawnSite Member
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    Thank You All for the help,Forgive me I'm new at this and may have asked the wrong ?,this is my second ztr my first was a Gravley and I had no problems,I was wondering if the tire might be the problem it has the D/C mud bogger has anyone tried turf savers? Also what about Gator or Fusion Blades thanks again David in Macclenny,Fl
  7. The mayor

    The mayor LawnSite Senior Member
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    I have the turf savers...same problem. You have to be careful when turning around. I do a 3 point turn with nice results.
  8. flaboy2006

    flaboy2006 LawnSite Member
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    Thank You All for the info,I'll just have to slow down abit till I get the hang of Dixie.Hopefully I won't be laying too much sod. Again thanks for the support.Davd in Macclenny,Fl

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