Problem with DVF-100 Valves closing ---- Warning I rample a lot

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Fordsuvparts, Jun 24, 2008.

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    First off this is the first complete system I have installed, and I am ready for the crap you guys dish out about being new at this, I am very thick skinned.
    I follow all of the irrigation threads because, by far you guys know what you are talking about. I used several trick that i saw on the forum and they saved me a lot of time. Especially using 4 90's to fix my main line were it was cut in a narrow island bed were the pipe was curved slightly. Even the plumber thought that it was a good trick, I then tried to use 4 45's and it is a lot harder than it looks. I also learned not to use the blue wet or dry glue when it is 85 degrees out side, you don't have enough time to work with it.

    I am working on installing a system that was designed by Rain bird and installed by my self and a few of my flunkies, and I came a cross a problem with the valves shutting all the way off. I can manually open all 6 of the valves but only four of them will shut off completely. There was a lot of crap in the lines before I installed the valves so I flushed them out the best I could. Every filter on the spray head was clogged so I took each one out and cleaned it and ran the water till it ran clear. ( by the way the electricians trenched through the beds and cut my main line and control wiring in three places and that let the lines get mud and crap in them.) When I temporarily hooked up water to the main line all the valves were off and did not leak, but after opening them and cleaning the nozzles 2 valves will not close, I tried flushing them but could not figure out how to get them to close. I am using 1812 12" pop up spray head with 12 and 15 van nozzles. This system is for the landscaping only. The main line is 2" PVC and drops down to 1 1/4" PVC half way. I will have to much pressure and will have to reduce it when the booster pump is tuned on on Friday. It has 6 zones with between 4-6 heads per zone. I will be core drilling through the wall of the hospital tomorrow morning so that the plumbers can hook up the back flow preventor and tap in to the system. I will have 60 to 65 PSI after the back flow. I will mount the controller tomorrow and then wait for the next week for the plumber to get too the change order the GC gave them to get me hooked up.

    Thanks in advance guys.

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    I suddenly have tired head. I will answer tomorrow at 4 am.
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    If there was junk in the valve, it may have damaged the diaphragm and they need replacing. It may have divots in the rubber that will not allow it to seal completely.
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    Take the DVF's apart. You probably have a rock stuck against the diaphragm.

    Like dana, said, if its damaged, replace it.

    This is an easy fix.
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    Ditto on both.
  6. AI Inc

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    Before even pulling anything apart , open the bleeders and the solonoid at the same time. This will flush them , if this does not work proceed as described above.

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    Still tired but Ditto..... on all above suggestions.
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    Of course your tired , your an hr differance time zone and still on here as early as me.

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    When I wake up not much I can do about it. Tramadol, coffee, ESPN, LS and I'm bursting to go by 6:30:dancing:
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    In my younger days I used to roll out opf bed , straight to the shower and on the road. Now Im kinda like an old truck. I like to idle for a while before moving a whole lot. Pot of coffe, here for a bit , then stack my orders in route and Im finaly ready to go.

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