Problem with Echo 770t Blower

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Jon's Lawn and Leaf, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. Jon's Lawn and Leaf

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    I have an Echo 770t on its third season. Its starts fine and runs perfect for 15 minutes then it sputters and boggs down. After cooling down for an hour or more It can be used again with the same results. Air filter and plug are new. I replaced to coil yesterday and thought that was the solution. I tried the blower out and the same problem repeated itself. Any thoughts?
  2. dutch1

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    You've got 2 of the three essentials covered--air and spark. You likely have a fuel delivery problem--replace the intank fuel filter, check your fuel lines for any soft spots/air leaks. Have you checked your tank vent--you should be able to suck air through it--if the tank vent is not operating properly, you'll develop a vacuum in the tank that the carb cannot overcome when attempting to pump fuel.

    Have you cleaned/removed the muffler screen?

    Check for air leaks in the intake area. I've seen a few isoblocks develop cracks that expand after getting hot.

    Just a couple of thoughts.

    Other than the above, look at a carb rebuild although since you say it will run for 15 minutes, I doubt that the carb is the problem.
  3. ed2hess

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    Adjust the darn carb....:dizzy: Tempertures change and carb need to be tuned.
  4. Jon's Lawn and Leaf

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    Thanks Dutch1, I will check those items. Not sure what an iso block is or how to diagnose - can you elborate?

    Temps here have been very mild between 50 to 70 degrees so not sure adjusting the carb will help. Also unsure of carb problem due to constant timing of bogging down of the blower. After fifteen minutes of use the blower starts to bogg down. Every carb problem I have experienced has shown up at the start of the machine.

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