Problem with Force 13hp wb blower

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by srl28, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. srl28

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    I have one of our Billy Goat Force blowers with the 13hp honda on it that tipped over in the truck last year and no one realized it until the next stop. Well it wouldnt start up and when it finnally did it blew all kinds of smoke so I took spark plug out, pulled on starter rope to shoot any oil that was in there out, replaced with new spark plug, replace air filters that were aslo soaked with oil and gas and changed the oil again too.. Now it starts fine, blows no smoke and runs well...for about a minute then on its own idles down to next to nothing and on its own throttles up again. This is such a pain tho cause it happens in 1 to 2 minute intervals. Any ideas on what is happening and how to fix it???
  2. pugs

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    You got the oil out of the filter and cylinder and burned it out of the muffler...but did you get any oil in the carb? Try draining the Bowl. Normally they get filled and wont start at all though...
  3. topsites

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    I would also vote for pulling off the bowl and cleaning all that out real good with some carb cleaner.
  4. Bill Kapaun

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    A little off the wall here, but you might replace the gas filter.
    There might have been enough sediment in the fuel tank that got disturbed and then clogged the filter.
    You might blow some air through the line to make sure it's clear.
  5. srl28

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    Bill-dont think there is one but Ill check.

    sounds good I'll do that and let ya know. Thanks!
  6. pugs

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    There is a filter but I doubt thats the problem. The filter screws into the bottom of the tank...only way to get to it is to remove the fuel tank...

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