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    Ok I mow a poa in town that has 14 houses a small common area and the entrance. 13 homes and the entrance and common areas are not problem. The 14th house is a retired man that has nothing to do but complain.

    We begin mowing on one side of the street and work our way up to the entrance and mow back down to this guys house as per our instructions from the poa property manager. Anytime i am out of site of my guys working he will go up and stop them and try to get them to do extra work on his house or jump down to his house and mow it out of order. He has been advised by me and the poa not to stop our guys or he will charged.

    We have begun charigng him this week 50 dollars each time he stops or has anyone come down to his house. So when he got his bill this week for doing this he ran out to my truck and threw the invoice back into my truck and leaned in the window hollering at me with his finger in my face.

    This is getting to be a everyweek problem with this guy. Any ideas for dealing with this guy.

  2. txgrassguy

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    Yep, two words:
    Restraining Order.
    Then if he won't pay for the out standing charges, take him to court for this too.
    And charge the POA for the Restraining Order costs, lost wages, etc.
  3. topsites

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    Oh they're all like that, I always fully expect to have at least one such punk out of the whole lot and I don't care who says what and regardless of any promises that they are not like that... We got into it over one two years ago, and in every single association you will have at least one (but usually two or three or four).

    Certainly a small number, but that one-four or so, it is their mission to embark upon making your life miserable.
    Don't ask me why, just how it is, pretty much always.

    Why it is a matter with associations you need the resources to deal with them.
  4. mowzum

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    restraining order & small claims when the bill reaches $500.00 should quiet him down
  5. markuscb

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    Keep your equipment running at all times and ignore him. I have a similar problem with a homeowner in a neighborhood where I maintain the entrance for the HOA. He works for John Deere Landscapes so he thinks he knows everything. I just started ignoring him, keeping my mower/string trimmer/etc. running while he tries to talk, and politely tell (yell : ) ) that I'm extremely busy and if he has an issue to bring it up at the homeowners meeting. I reminded him that the Manangment Company hired me, not him. He has stayed away for a few weeks now. Good luck!
  6. The poa has been great that sent him a reg letter saying to leave us alone and if wants any work done to do it himself when he leaves.

    He also loves to call me over to him with his finger like I am his boy. So hopefully he will be fine now atleast till he gets his bill from me.
  7. mngrassguy

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    You prob kissed his a** the first time just like any other customer and it made him "feel good". Now he wants to "feel good" every time.

    If he doesn't pay his bill, he will "feel good" when you stop cutting his lawn.
  8. topsites

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    You need a "Change Order Form" for these cases.

    Only majority-approved changes or ones submitted via the form can be considered.
    If he balks let him know he'll need to take this up with the association.
    If he keeps on giving you a hard time, thank him for his time and get back to work.
  9. Carolina Cuts

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    this is a good idea...
  10. MarcSmith

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    Who do you bill, for your weekly visits. the prop manager or the 14 individual home owners...

    If you bill the prop manager, let them know that this one person is causing problems and that you will need to increase your per cut rates do deal with every week. Let the prop manager bill the guy.

    I did a town house complex with 200 residents... I always had a few that wanted special treatment.

    All it took was a kind letter to the prop manager explaining the issue and that we would begin charging for the added nuisance.

    If you are billing the prop manager directly, then you really have no reason to bill the guy directly unless he signs a change order approving the work.

    It was tough for us since the property took 2 days to cut. There were a few people who were always wanting their "postage stamp" cut early or out of order.

    Essentially You have one client, the person who pays your bill, in this case the prop manager. Generally Any extra work needs to be approved by the prop manager.

    Good luck...

    On a side note...not to cave into the guys whims, but how hard woudl it be to change the mowing direction. so you get to this guys guys house sooner and get it done with early? Just a thought....

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