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I was wondering if anyone has had a problem with the 17hp kawis leaking oil around the gasket closest to the frame. Mine is in a 275gt JD. It just started yesterday. The mower is only a year old so it's under warranty. I'm calling the dealer tommorrow.<br>


My Kawi 17 sprung a leak somewher around the base of the engine. I don;t remember if it was the oil filter base or the gasket on the crankcase base it self. It had a bunch of hours though.


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i know this dont have anything to do with you post but since you both have kawasaki engines i though i would ask do you know where i can get specs for my 14hp kawasaki recoil, thank you in advance<p>----------<br>CJC Landscape Management<br>Winter Haven, Florida


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After my experience with kaw 17's, I do not have faith in this motor. Far too many people are having problems with this particular engine. This is not the Kawasaki we know and love. And wait untill you have to get parts. I tell you this, some parts for this motor do not exist, just ask a distributor.<br>this motor could have been subbed out to Tecumseh or Briggs and Straten with the way the history is going.

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