Problem with lazer z battery?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 8wr_zj, May 17, 2006.

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    oops posted in wrong area this isnt the reapir. First off i am new here and there is a huge amount of information to take in. i have trying to search to find out what is up the battery/eletrical system of my mower. but with no luck i thought id ask. its an exmark lazer z hp 52" with 760 hours on it. Mower starts, runs great, cut great but sometimes the battery dies. New battery not even 2 weeks old. i take my key out of the mower after every yard. Checked the ingition switch and it is not getting any power when the key is out. Now sometimes when i engage the blades it is like they are sticking it takes them awile to start. changed the PTO switch no help so idk what the problem is (maybe the PTO clutch). this morning i went out and it is dead just clicks. new starter and all the relays are working correctly. i looked for schematic of the charging system nothing, i am not even sure how the generator/alternator works cant find a belt of any kind. and not to many wires leading to the motor just 4. any suggestions? thanks for any help or information
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    check the fuse .
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    If its not charging, could be the regulator or rectifier thing. Also, check for broken ground strap or missing ground bolt. I've had that happen. Other problem might be a sticky/dirty or worn clutch.

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