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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by clallen03, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. clallen03

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    I want to ask you guys and gals a question.

    I went to a local graphic designer about month ago. We came to an agreement that I would have them design my logo for $125, 50% deposit. I would get three different designs and I would have unlimited revisions to the one I want. I was so confident I would love there work I gave them a $80 deposit because there portfolio was excellent.

    Know here the kicker. When I got my designs all it was was my company names in different fonts with a tree in a different place on all three. I was truly disappointed but I didn't get upset. What I said I would do is just make several revisions to the best of the three evils to get it the way I want it.

    So far I have made three different revisions and know they are acting like Im getting on their nerves. Im never rude, even though Im not satisfied with their work, I respond the same day they come back with the revisions, and Im always polite about anything I dont like.

    My questions is this - Should I let them know Im not satisfied with there work and let them keep the $80 deposit and walk away?


    Should I stick it out and have a sub par logo that Im going to hate until I get a new one.

    This sound like a no brainer, but what Im really asking is what are some other options? What should I do?

    Help me please.
  2. ha305

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    Go somewhere else. It does not seem that they have put any effort into your logo. I would find someone else
  3. cgland

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    I would explain that you are not happy with the work. My only question to you is "Did you give them any direction as to what you are looking for?" If so, I would tell them that what they gave you was not what you had discussed.

  4. PlantSolutions

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    One problem you are facing is the cost. You get what you pay for and unfortunately they are not spending any time on you. I had a similar problem with an online logo company and after 5 months they finally got it. I would talk with them and let them know you are not happy with the originals. When they say 3 different designs, they need to be 3 completely different designs. I had 6 done for me. After picking 1, I had problems with them understanding only 2 PMS colors. If their work is guaranteed, I would ask for the money back; otherwise, play nicey nice and explain exactly what you are looking for and what they are and aren't doing correctly.
    Good Luck!!
  5. drsogr

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    I hate to tell you, but you get what you paid for. What do you expect for $125? If you didn't give them any direction to start off with, you are at their mercy. If you gave them some direction and they didn't follow your lead, I would get on to them. Most designers charge $50-$60 an hour..if they gave you 3 designs...and you had them make 3 different revisions I would be mad too.

    When I went to I spent $150 I found examples of things I liked...told them what look I was going for, and told them to have at it. I set the parameters, they followed directions. If you didn't know what you were they supposed to design towards it?
  6. clallen03

    clallen03 LawnSite Senior Member
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    Well, I gave them guidelines to work with but nothing specific. Things like modern, professional, and something that stands out from the rest. I didn't want to limit the designers creativity since I had unlimited revisions. But all I got was my name in different fonts and a tree on all 3 designs, I was beyond heated.

    How do you think I should tell them that Im not satisfied, artist are very particular about their work and I reall dont want to offend them, they seem to be nice people? I dont think satisfaction guaranteed, well its not stated.

    Help me out here.
  7. Grass Cake

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    Here's a simple one....btw...I PM'ed you.

    Grass Cake

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  8. K.Carothers

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    The big red flag is when they told you unlimited revisions. That does not happen with any professional designer. Each revision is money. At best you would get 3 revisions at double that cost.

  9. teewolf

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    On the contrary some professional designers do offer unlimited revsions and the variety of styles is paramount.It is not always the fact to assume that they are all looking for more money in the process. from A professional Designer
  10. drsogr

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    That logo scares me! Can you imagine some little kid seeing that on the size of a truck!

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