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    I have a Fastrak Super Duty 54" that came stock with an hour meter. Recently I have noticed that the hour glass is constantly on, and some of the digits of the LCD screen have burnt out. My questions are, what do I replace it with, and if I replace it will the existing hour readout still be there when I plug the new one in?
    Does anyone have the part numbers I need?
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    Is the unit in warranty still? if so your dealer can take care of this easily.
    The hour glass is always on, nothing wrong with that, but the lcd's burned out isn't good and your dealer can warranty it if its under warranty still.
    Regardless, once a new hour meter is installed it will start from 0 again.
    The part # for the hour meter kit is 367656

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    Take ur key out.
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    How would that answer any of my questions?

    It's two years old, so probably not. I'm not sure what the warranty is on the mower. Thanks for the answers and the part number, I will check with my dealer.


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