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I have a 60" Lesco with 25hp Kaw and it has just over 600 hrs. A few weeks ago, I backed it off the trailer and went to mow and it shut off and I could not get it started again. I took it to the shop and they messed with it and they aren't sure what they did to get it started but it started and kept on going and never shut off. Today I went to try and catch up with lawns (it's finally dry enough for most of them!) I pulled the mower up on the trailer and it shut off on its own and I couldn't get it started. I checked every connection I could and checked to make sure it was getting fuel and it is definitely getting fuel and spark and I saw no bad connections or broken wires. So I parked it and about 45 mins later just out of curiosity turned the key and it started right up. So then I was nervous and figured I would "try it out" on my own yard in case it cut off again I could easily put it on the trailer. So I went to mow and pulled the switch to engage the blades and they won't engage. So now I'm guessing the electrical problems has something to do with the blade relay? If that relay is bad could it be shorting out and causing it to shut off/not start? So any input would be appreciated!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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